07 Judges Abusing Children

07 Judges Abusing Children


Exposing Judicial Corruption & the

Violation of Constitutional Rights

What happens to children who do not have father’s in their lives:

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Just a couple of examples:

63.0% of youth suicides are from fatherless homes

90.0% of all homeless and runaway children are from fatherless homes

85.0% of all children that exhibit behavioral disorders come from fatherless homes

71.0% of all high school dropouts come from fatherless homes

85% of all youths sitting in prisons grew up in a fatherless home

Who is the major cause of this?

The NYS family court.

This is about a 14-year old girl who wrote an essay as a class assignment. All she talks about is her father and how great he is as he listens to her and helps her. She even ran away to her father’s house. The court threatened her that her father would go to jail if she ran to his house again. They didn’t care what the mother was doing. This 14-year old then documents how she was being abused by the judge, her law guardians and the social workers. That they would yell at her for wanting to see and be with her father.

14-year old girl’s essay on brutal abuse and threats by judge, social workers and law guardian (8:53) video


You need to read the full 4-page hand printed essay of the child and the full report of the psychologist. What was done after the meeting with officials? As far as I know nothing. This judge, the law guardians and the social workers should have all be fired and prosecuted. This is the problem with closed court proceedings that are illegal.


A Clinical Psychologist sent a letter in part stating:

Based upon numerous factors and apparent from the attached essay, I was obligated, as a mandated reporter, to report, via the NY State Hotline, abuse of (the child) on April 13, 2004. A clinical analysis of the essay indicates that the child may be facing imminent and irreparable harm in various forms.

Damage to her character and personality is the most probable and likely form of harm. The mistrust of counselors, legal representatives including the Judge in this case, her law guardians, and other, as well as her mother, suggests that this adolescent is vulnerable to forming a character disorder or related condition. The terrible pain (the child) is experiencing, as expressed by her written word, might exasperate her feelings of frustration and depression, from which she may never be able to recover. Additionally, (the child) may decide to find a way to escape the pain and other distress by harming herself.

Psychologist’s response to 14-year old – slams court (6:53) video


Does anyone realize how serious this situation is?

Not our family court, they thrive on it.

The only one who cares what happens to this child is the father!!!!!!

The father filed a federal suit to protect his rights. The judge was using his daughter as a weapon against him in order to extort property from him. The judge would not even allow him to contact his attorney during the court proceeding.


Court extortion reason – 14-year old girl (11:52) video


Any suggestions on how to address the illegal actions of the family courts and what can be done about the corruption.

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