08 Yodle Scamming Thousands of Businesses

08 Yodle Scamming Thousands of Businesses


Exposing Judicial Corruption & the

Violation of Constitutional Rights

Is the NSA, FBI or other Federal agencies using Yodle and other SEO’s to spy on businesses and their clients? Why is the FBI and the US Attorney’s office in Albany, NY and others covering up Yodle’s illegal recording of phone calls and its multimillion dollar illegal advertising scam and possible multimillion dollar income tax evasion? Why is Yodle above the law?

Yodle agreed to use my phone number and email address as documented in Yodle’s transcript of the sales pitch. I sent them 2 emails stating that they were not to record my phone calls and they continued even after they were served with a cease and desist order.

Judge Hummel stated I agreed to the recording of my phone calls without addressing that Yodle agreed to use my phone number and not its tracking number, my emails telling Yodle not to record my phone calls, or the fact they violated his cease and desist order he signed. He did not state where I agreed to this because he knew it was a lie. Even though Leitch spent more than an hour on the phone with his pitch, Hummel claimed he was just taking an order to avoid the court having jurisdiction over Leitch with the long arm statute of law as fully documented in my Brief and in court papers before Hummel.Hummel ignored all of the evidence and supporting case law I had against Yodle and Hummel even lied about the facts. WHY? Was Hummel paid off or did the Federal government get involved to protect Yodle because Yodle is recording phone conversations for the Federal Government?

Yodle’s documents to support my allegations – see Appellate Court Brief


Yodle not only operates a national advertising scam against small businesses, it is also involved in the illegal recording of phone conversations. Does the doctor or lawyer you found on the internet use Yodle to promote their business website? The phone number used on the website may not be that of the doctor or lawyer as it is most likely a tracking number used by Yodle to record phone calls. What is Yodle doing with these recorded phone calls? I wouldn’t believe a word they tell you. Yodle lies about its services and the costs. As

1st scam being covered up. Yodle tells you the cost of your campaign is say $500 per month and they have a $69 management fee. You only have a 3-month contract. What Yodle does is charge you $500 the first month and spends $200 on your advertising at an inflated cost per click. The next month you have a $300 balance and they charge you another $500 so they have $800 and Yodle spends another $200. The third month they have $600 of yours and Yodle charges you another $500 for a total of $1,100 and spends about $100. Therefore, Yodle has a $1,000 of your money and by the way, you are NOT entitled to a refund. But they do not tell you that. It is in their Yodle Service Terms & Conditions (YST&T) that they fail to give you beforehand. Check your email of the contract, bet it is not attached. I raised this issue in an appellate court motion. It is not attached or part of the contract. I only got it after I filed suit. They even violated Yodle’s own terms as I used YST&T against them.

2nd scam is that they had on their website that Yodle is going to reduce your click costs. They provided me in the lawsuit Google Adwords Frequently Asked Questions that states everyone pays the same price, Google does not give discounts to anyone. How can Yodle reduce your click costs if everyone pays the same? Yodle states that they have a “strategic partnerships” with Google and other search engines. Yet, Google states “Beware of SEOs that claim to guarantee rankings, allege a “special relationship” with Google …”.

My click costs went from 87 cents per click to $9.70 and with the management fee it was $12.94. When you added in the full cost of what was paid to Yodle for the month, it was a cost of $39.00 per click. And they were going to reduce my click costs?

3rd scam is that Leitch (Yodle) stated: “But this is one of my personal accounts. What we do is we charge $69 a month to manage the AdWords for you.

And then stated: And of course you have your monthly budget, which is going to the search engines themselves.¨

He then stated: So you pay everything to us directly and of course we take your investment and invest it for you. (YES, RIGHT INTO YODLE’S POCKET)

I was told that the advertising budget was going to the search engines,m when it was in fact going to Yodle and Yodle deliberately inflated the costs of the clicks, as documented above, so they could pocket even more money.

4th scam is that Yodle uses Key words and in my case had 14: divorce, uncontested divorce, easy divorce, etc.

Yodle then claims it uses geographical modifiers to increase your number of clicks. In fact, the geographical modifiers reduce your number of clicks as it reduces your coverage area.

Yodle then takes the number of Keywords (14) and multiplies it my the number of geographical modifiers (64) and then Yodle claims you have a total of 896 search terms. What a crock.

How the fraud works: For Rensselaer County, Yodle listed: Rensselaer County, 12181 (Post Office boxes Troy), 12052 (Cropseyville), Cropseyville, 12180 (Troy), Troy NY, Wynantskill, 12140 (Poestenkill), Poestenkill, 12182, 12179, West Sand Lake, Rensselaer, etc.

Once Yodle listed Rensselaer County, all of the other cities, towns, villages and zip codes are redundant. Notice the zip codes and towns are also redundan.

For Albany County, Yodle listed: Green Island, Watervliet NY, Newtonville NY, Cohoes, Latham, Glenmont, Guilderland, Slingerlands, Delmar NY, Selkirk and Guilderland Center. Notice they did not list “Albany County”.

So, if someone lives in Altamont, Berne, Bethlehem, Coeymans, Colonie, Knox, Menands, New Scotland, Revena, Rensselaerville, Voorheesville or Westerlo all in Albany County, an advertiser is out of luck for someone living in the above areas to see there website with Yodle because of the geographical modifiers Yodle placed on the website.

Yodle is deliberately sabotaging its clients advertising campaigns!! This is fraud, it is larceny.

Scam 5: Is Yodle defrauding the IRS?

Yodle claims it made 88 million in 2011 according to Inc. 500. In its paperwork to the court, Leitch in his Affidavit to the Court states that Yodle has over 21,000 live campaigns. It was further documented Yodle charges between $500 to $5,000 per campaign. $500 x 21,000 = $10,500,000 dollars per month of advertising at the lowest rate. This would be over $126,000,000 per year in revenue using the lowest amount Yodle charges per campaign. Assuming a rate of $750 per campaign, this would be 15.75 million per month or $189 million per year. What happened to the 38 to 101 million (126 million – 88 million or 189 million – 88 million) or more dollars? I am using Yodle’s figures. As Yodle is scamming tens of millions of dollars, they have probably figured out how to make this money vanish. (Note: To the above amounts you can add another $17,388,000 (69 x 12 x 21,000) for management fees and not taken into account for the advertising.)

Where is all of this money going? Pay off politicians & judges or is the NSA & FBI covering for Yodle? Who does the pay off? Is it Yodle or its attorneys like Neil Rivchin of O’Connell & Aronowitz? Rivchin is certainly aware of the illegal actions of his client and Hummel fixing the case for him claiming that I agreed to the phone recording even though Yodle agreed to use my phone number and email address and the fact that I sent them 2 emails stating that they were not to record my phone calls and the fact that they continued after they were served with a cease and desist order. Further, Hummel ignored all evidence and supporting case law I had against Yodle and Rivchin knew it.

One theory of mine is that Yodle is still keeping on the books the money that is left after a client leaves Yodle. Yodle is claiming the money is still in the customer’s account as they did with me. Yodle is not claiming this money as income because Yodle has not charged the customer. In my opinion, they have found a way to get the money out while claiming the money is still in the account or does the account just vanish? The money “supposedly” just sits there?

As documented, I went to the FBI in Albany, the US attorney’s office in Albany and the New York State Department of Justice. Everyone wants to cover up for Yodle! WHY? Is Yodle or its owners big contributors to the Democrats? Why should small businesses be scamed out of their hard earned money? I guess Yodle is above the law as well as the judges and attorneys who are covering up for Yodle’s illegal actions.

As a final note, for attempting to expose Yodle’s corruption, Chief Judge Lippman of the Court of Appeals ordered me to pay court costs of $100.00 and then dismissed my appeal. This is the same Lippman who with Kaye claimed that that Family Court was now open to the public. He is nothing more than a two-bit lying whore. Lippman is a corrupt liberal democrat who does not care about due process and equal protection of the law.

Yodle illegally recording phone calls and advertising scam

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