09 Senator Schumer – Liberal Corruption

09 Senator Schumer – Liberal Corruption

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Violation of Constitutional Rights

Senator Chuck Schumer

You are opposing Hon. Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court as you claim he is unfit. You are nothing but a hypocrite. Your office is fully aware of the illegal imprisonments of fathers, mothers and children in New York State as I have fully documented in my emails to your office. Your office has done nothing!

The only reason you object to the Hon. Neil Gorsuch is because he is not a democrat. Any nominee that President Trump would propose you would object to. As you know he is well qualified. The democrats have turned the Senate and House into very partisan section. If you don’t get your way, you will not compromise. As Obama said “we won” and won’t negotiate with the Republicans. Well you have now lost and still will not negotiate with the Republicans.

It is my basic opinion, as well as many others, that your fellow liberal democrat cronies have appointed a leader from the state of New York, a state that truly excels in promoting the stripping of its’ citizens (including our brave military personnel) of both their State and Federal Constitutional and Statutory Rights.

As documented on my website, www.justice4ny.com, every man, women and child (including our veterans and their family members) currently in jail, in the case of children in detention, by a Family Court Judge is illegally in jail. Notice, there is NO exception to my statement!! It is upon Information and belief that every one of them have been denied their State and Federal Constitutional Rights to Due Process and Equal Protection of the Law. Further, they have been denied at least one of the following and in most cases, they have been deprived of several of their Constitutional rights, such as, a Public Trial; a Jury Trial, a Court of Proper Jurisdiction, their rights to have a Judge hear their matter, and/or Competent Assistance of Counsel. The aforementioned being covered up by State and Federal Judges with the help of the Drive-by Liberal News Media in New York. By my very own experiences, New York State also strips our children of their rights when they are brought into Family Court.

These illegal imprisonments have been going on well before 1990 when I discovered the illegal actions of the NYS family court judges. Judges, attorneys and state officials want to cover up this illegal activity that it destroying the families of New York State.

Do you believe a person should be tried, convicted and sentenced to jail by way of a closed Court proceeding? Of course, you do, as this happens every day within New York State, under Liberal Democrat Chief Judge Judith Kaye’s ruling that this is not a substantial right in New York. The corrupt New York State Judiciary controlled by the Democrats as all of the judges on the court of appeals are appointed by a democrat. These illegally closed court proceedings continue to this day with the help of the federal judges and you senator and Cuomo, as you refuse to do your job of protecting our Constitutional Rights.

Family Court proceedings are illegally closed” a 10:36 minute video found at:


Do you believe that a person should be denied their Constitutional Right to a Jury Trial? Of course, you do, as this happens every day in New York under the Democrats control of the court system.

Your Constitutional Right to Jury Trial in Family Court” a 16:53 minute video found at:


A Child’s Constitutional Right to a Jury Trial in Family Court” a 4:30 minute video found at: https://youtu.be/6cHRXJatzD4

Do you believe that citizens should have possession of their property taken from them in a closed Court proceeding while being denied access to the proceeding? Of course, you do. This happens regularly in New York State.

King/Collins house illegally taken without Court jurisdiction”, an 11:34-minute video found at: https://youtu.be/ox3LmXGplhU

King Money taken, Collins Driver’s license taken and extortion”, a 27:22-minute video found at: https://youtu.be/ygcX7r3EhvA

Do you believe that Judges and Attorneys should be arrested and charged with Federal and/or State crimes who participate in violation of a citizen’s Constitutional Rights? You are there to protect the corrupt judges and attorneys.

Federal Crimes + Judge Con Cholakis” a 24:39 minute video found at:


Make no mistake about it, these Judges go home every day laughing their asses off as to how they have deliberately violated a litigant’s rights, illegally deprived them of a relationship with their children and/or illegally sentenced them to jail for violating an illegal Court Order.

And you support these corrupt judges and the violation of our Constitutional Rights or you would do something about it.

As documented on my website, www.justice4ny.com, Judge Kaye openly held several times that these are NOT substantial rights in New York State. Mr. Schumer, I bet you would have voted for her when Bill Clinton wanted to put her on the US Supreme Court. You even went to her wake. Hmmm, after hearing the aforementioned, does Chief Judge Kaye make you sick? That is what you claimed about Attorney General Sessions based upon allegations from 30 years ago.

Don’t you think one of the first acts by Attorney General Jeff Sessions should be an open and complete investigation of the New York State Judiciary for their illegal acts of depriving litigants (including our brave veterans and/or their families) of their Constitutional and Statutory Rights and all of the illegal imprisonments in the Family Court? Not to mention the Criminal Courts where the Judges conspire with the District Attorneys to fix cases.

Don’t you think that whoever is appointed to replace US Attorney Preet Bharara in the Southern District of New York and US Attorney Richard Hartunian in the Northern District of New York should be questioned about the illegal imprisonments in New York State?

As a note, Hartunian served as assistant DA under Sol Greenburg the corrupt Albany County District Attorney who couldn’t win a case without being it fixed by the judges. This is fully documented on my website videos. Hartunian’s office covered the illegal recording of my phone calls by a company called Yodle, also fully documented with evidence on my website, www.justice4ny.com.

Yodle illegally recording phone calls and advertising scam defrauding businesses (30:37) (Also possible income Tax evasion)


Is Yodle working for the NSA, FBI, CIA or another intelligence service for the democrats?

Schumer, do you think that President Donald J. Trump should, by way of an Executive Order, order the immediate release of all persons in jail or detained by a Family Court Judge in New York State? I’ll bet you would go against that!!!

Do you believe all these Judges and Support Magistrates should be arrested, tried and convicted? (I know it would be quite difficult in New York State to find a jury pool where not one member hasn’t had a family member screwed over by these corrupt Family Court Judges and Support Magistrates.)

Our brave military personnel have fought and died for our Constitutional Rights only to have you and your Liberal Democrats erode and strip them and/or their family members of their Constitutional and Statutory Rights.

Schumer, as an attorney, sworn to uphold the US Constitution and all laws of this country, what exactly are you going to do about these illegal imprisonments in New York State? I’ll bet absolutely nothing!!!

If you are not going to stand for rights of the citizens of New York State, then resign. You want everybody else to resign. You were elected and took an oath of office to defend and protect the United States Constitution and its laws. Do your job or resign!!! I know, you liberal democrats only enforce the laws that you feel are right. Isn’t that what socialist governments do?

Schumer, you have the audacity to say that President Trump’s immigration order is mean spirited and un-American. President Trump is trying to protect America, not destroy it like you, Obama and the other Liberal Democrat cronies want to do!! It is you and your Liberal Democrat cronies in New York and Washington who are mean spirited and un-American. Having thousands of litigants in New York State deprived of both their State and Federal Constitutional and Statutory Rights as firmly documented below makes it quite difficult to weasel talk your way out of such an allegation. You Liberal Democrats will fight for foreigners to come to this great country of ours, yet, you and your Liberal Democrat cronies will not fight for the Constitutional and Statutory Rights of the citizens of New York State who elected you. You cried for the 109 foreigners who had to go through more vetting. You have yet to cry or do anything for the thousands of New Yorkers who are currently illegally in jail. WHY? What exactly have you done to justify the ignoring of thousands of New Yorkers and our veterans?

Why don’t you get up and stand up for the rights of those illegally imprisoned in New York State during illegally closed Family Court proceedings? You know those litigants that are illegally deprived of their Constitutional Right to a Jury Trial. That’s right, according to you Liberal Democrats these are not substantial rights in New York State and you complain about the Hon. Neil Gorsuch!!

Our military didn’t fight for our and your freedom only to have you Liberal Democrats strip our military personnel and/or their family members as well as the citizens of New York State of their Constitutional and Statutory Rights. Our military did not fight for our freedoms for the Liberal Democrats to vote them away and/or to illegally take them away!

Charles E. Colllins



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