12 – Judges Abusing Children

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12 – Judges Abusing Children

Are mothers who abuse their children above the law in New York?

My question is: Who is the sick one – the judge, the mother, law guardian, social worker or reporter?

Mother pours hot pepper sauce down child’s throat

On the Front page of the Times Union on August 23, 1998 was an article stating:

Every workday Family Court Judge Gerard E. Maney gets to witness the unraveling of the social fabric.

This day is no different. A mother is accused of trying to discipline her 7-year-old daughter by forcibly pouring hot pepper sauce down the girl’s throat, then making her take a cold shower and get back in bed in soaking pajamas.

It’s not the first time for the mother. She had admitted in court to pouring hot sauce down the throats of all her three children on different occasions. In order for the woman to keep custody of her kids, caseworkers for Albany County’s Department of Social Services recommended a slew of conditions: attend counseling sessions, keep a clean home, get a psychiatric evaluation and cooperate with authorities during announced and unannounced house visits.

On the bench, Maney shakes his finger at the mother. “You will not put anything in your children’s mouths for discipline ever again, or I will put you in jail,” he warns. “If you go to jail, the children end up in foster care. That’s not right. The children want to be with you.”

He then grants her custody. The Times Union is withholding the name of the mother in order to protect the privacy of her children.


  1. If this had been a father, would Maney have given him custody? Would the law guardian and social worker think this would be a good idea? The father would be lucky if he wasn’t arrested and put in jail and Maney issuing an order of protection against him. In my opinion, he would keep the father from seeing his children.
  1. Over the years, I have heard about Maney’s finger waiving at the mother’s and he does nothing about what they do to the children. He will even yell at the mothers, but will do nothing about them interfering with a father’s parenting time. Yet, just on the mother’s statement he will put fathers on supervised visits.
  1. Notice there was nothing said about the child being forced to take a cold shower or wearing wet pajamas to bed.
  1. Notice, there is no mention of the father? Why? Was the father notified of what was happening to his children? Was he notified of the court date? If not, why not? Why doesn’t the father have a relationship with his children? I have seen many fathers just give up trying to see their children because the court refuses to protect their parenting time with the children and the mothers have alienated the children from the father with the help of the court. In a recent case the father moved out of state. He won his appeal and will be at least 2 years from the last time he saw his son.

In my opinion, No one is protecting these children. It is protect the mother. Remember, it is mothers vote and children don’t. Well which is it, the judge, mother, law guardian or social worker. In my opinion it is all of them!

I previously wrote about a 14-year old girl who wrote an essay as a class assignment detailing the threats and other actions by taken against her by the judge, attorneys and social workers all because she wanted to see her father. There was also a psychologist’s report stating this child was facing imminent and irreparable harm in various forms because of the actions of the judge, social workers and law guardian. (Rant #7 Judges abusing children)

14-year old girl’s essay on brutal abuse and threats by judge, social workers and law guardian (8:53) video https://youtu.be/3hflopc_qWA

Psychologist’s response to 14-year old – slams court (6:53) video



When are children going to be protected? These illegally closed family court proceedings are causing children to be abused as it is cover-up what is actually happening to the children.

Does anyone realize how serious this situation is?

Not our family court, they thrive on it. These judges must get a thrill out of seeing children abused.

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