13 – Mother Overdoses Child On Medication

13 – Mother overdoses child on medication and gets more parenting time and mother gives birth to a drunk baby with a .18 alcohol level.

Recently I had a father that had custody of his 3-year old son for the past couple of years due to the mother’s actions. According to the father, the mother and her family have a history of mental illness (I believe he stated there was sexual abuse involved) and that was one of the reasons he got custody. The judge in the matter, from what I have heard, hates men and everyone has stated that she is rude and crude to the fathers that appear in her court. So, for him to get custody, that was something.

It turns out that a psychologist wrote a report stating she saw no reason the mother shouldn’t have custody. The father had many issues with the report that was done. Further, I have seen many cases where these psychologists are anti-father and will cover for the mother, there is no accountability and fathers are not allowed to question them on their reports (denial of due process).

In court, a new judge was appointed, and on Thursday, she increased the mother’s parenting time with the child to every other weekend from Friday night to Monday morning. What was the problem? The previous Sunday when the father picked up his son, he immediately took the child to Urgent Care where it was determined the mother had overdosed the child on his medication. Urgent Care immediately called for an ambulance to take the child to the hospital. According to the father, the judge determined that the father had over reacted by taking the child to Urgent Care. I guess according to this judge, that Urgent Care over reacted in having the child sent to the hospital. This mother should be on supervised visits!


The mother is rewarded for overdosing the child on medication. Father’s don’t get Friday to Monday, they usually get Friday or Saturday to Sunday. Oh, I forgot to mention, the father’s friend told me that when they try to get the child ready for the mother, the child keeps stating “No momma, No momma”. What is going on for the child to claim this. The court doesn’t care. It’s keep the child with the mother no matter what!!


Who is protecting this child? The judge and law guardian certainly are not. If this had been a father that overdosed the child, he would have been charged with endangering the welfare of a child and rightly so. Further, the father would be lucky to get supervised visitation, yet alone more unsupervised parenting time.


The illegally closed family courts are only there to protect the corrupt judges, attorneys and social workers. They do NOT protect children!


Mother gives birth to drunk baby with .18 alcohol content


A 22-year old mother was accused of giving birth to a baby with a blood alcohol limit of .28 percent and the baby’s blood alcohol was .18 percent. The legal limit for driving while intoxicated in New York is .08. The baby’s alcohol limit was more than double of that for an adult being charged with drunk driving. The article stated that fetal alcohol syndrome is the only form of preventable mental illness. According to the Opinion article in the Troy Record on page A-4 dated November 9, 2003 the mother gave premature birth after being drunk in a bar and getting into a fight according to the police. (I would bet, this was not her first time getting drunk while pregnant.)


The Opinion went on to state that there were an astonishing 50 groups trying to get the charges dropped against the mother claiming that women will be discouraged from getting help for their alcohol or drug dependency if they think they will face criminal charges. This is hogwash. If they have a problem and they know nothing will be done to them, why would they go to get help? I am glad to see that the Opinion of the paper did not take this position, and made a strong statement for the prosecution of the mother.


I heard the mother who delivered the “drunk baby” was on probation and was not supposed to be out drinking. She was supposed to be getting counseling for alcohol and drug abuse. If this is true, how come this wasn’t reported in the news? I have now heard there is a gag order preventing this information from coming out. The Courts are protecting the mother again. No reason to give her a bad rap. What about the child?


One of the groups listed in the paper as trying to get the mother off was none other than the New York Civil Liberties Union. From what I heard they had five attorneys present for their motion to dismiss the charges against the mother. Where is the New York Civil Liberties Union when it comes to fathers being deprived of their children and being illegally imprisoned in a closed court? Where is the New York Civil Liberties Union when it comes to fathers being deprived of their constitutional rights to a public trial and a jury trial in family court? In my opinion, they are not interested in protecting fathers because that is considered to be “anti-family”. Based upon this article, they will stand up for a mother to be able to get drunk and deliver a baby that is legally drunk by making excuses for her. What about the baby? The is a strong probability this child will have problems his entire life because of the mother getting drunk.


The Times Union on April 9, 2003 reported the judge in the case dismissed the charge of endangering the welfare of a child against the mother. In my opinion, the judge is unfit.


The attorney for the mother was quoted as stating “I have personally seen her son”, and “He looks like a very healthy baby boy.” Unfortunately, it will be sometime, and maybe even years before anyone knows what effect the mother’s drinking and getting drunk while pregnant has had on the child. Of course, the attorney is going to say this, do you think her attorney was going to say anything that could affect his client negatively? The mother getting drunk, will affect the child his entire life.


My questions. Why is this mother above the law? Where is the father in this? Why are mothers allowed to abuse their unborn child?


Any suggestions on how to address the illegal actions of the family courts and what can be done about the corruption.


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