14 Are Mothers Who Kill Their Children Above the Law?

14 Are mothers who kill their children above the law in New York?

I previously documented in my Rants that mothers can pour hot sauce down the children’s throats, make them take cold showers and sleep in wet pajamas, can overdose the child on medication and nothing is done. How a mother can give birth to dunk baby with an alcohol level of .18 twice the legal limit for an adult of .08. I also documented how judges, attorneys and social works are allowed to abuse children who want to see their father.

What happens to mothers who kill their children?

U.S. Department of Justice – Bureau of Justice Statistics – Special Report 1994: “In murders of their offspring, women predominated, accounting for 55% of killers. When a mother killed her own child, the offspring she killed was more likely to be a son than a daughter: 64% sons v. 36% daughters.

On the evening news on November 23, 2003, was an item concerning a 16-year old mother who pleaded guilty to criminally negligent homicide in the child’s death. The mother had wrapped the child in towels cutting off his breathing. This mother was given 5 years’ probation. Five years’ probation for killing a child?

In the Times Union on November 3, 1999 was an article titled “Woman to get probation in 1988 death of infant”. According to the article the mother pleaded guilty to a felony charge of second-degree manslaughter for the July 1988 death of her infant. It stated that the mother disposed of the baby’s remains in the trash and the remains were never found. A mother kills her newborn baby and gets 5 years’ probation.

In another case the mother was actually convicted of murder for drowning her 4-year old son in the bath tub. She also tried to kill her other son. After she was sentenced to jail for 50 years, her public defender went to family court to get her phone contact with the 6-year old son she attempted to kill. In other words, they wanted the father to accept phone calls from the mother at his expense as she is in prison so she can talk to her other son. Would the public defender even think of doing this if it had been a father? Absolutely not. I do not know what the final outcome was as the court was illegally closed.

There is no accountability by the New York State Judiciary concerning mothers abusing and killing their children. This is the reason for the closed family court proceedings. It is to protect the mother, the judges, attorneys and social workers. IT IS NOT TO PROTECT THE CHILDREN AS THE JUDICIARY CLAIMS!! WHO IS PROTECTING THE CHILDREN IN CLOSED COURT PROCEEDINGS?


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