15 Judge Sentences 14-year old to a Year in Juvenile Detention

15 Judge sentences 14-year old to a year in Juvenile detention for saying “thank you”.

John’s son always wanted to live with him. Of course the judge, law guardian and mother all wanted the child with the mother. The child did not get along with the stepfather and not want to be with his mother. John tried several times to get custody to no avail. Unfortunately, the child had enough of his mother and her husband, so he started rebelling and getting into trouble as he wanted to be with his father.

The child was brought before the family court and finally the mother and law guardian agreed to allow the child to live with his father instead of going to Juvenile detention. They go into court and what happens? The judge asks the boy if there is anything he wanted to say.The boy then made the big mistake of his life because he said to the judge: “Thank you for allowing me to live with my father, it is the only thing I have ever wanted”. With that, the judge told the boy that he was not going to honor the agreement between the mother, father and law guardian for him to live with his father as he was not going to reward the boy by letting his reside with his father and proceeded to sentence the boy to one year at St. Coleman’s home.

The child served almost a year and half before they would release him because he refused to go back and live with the mother and her husband and it was NOT because he did anything wrong while at St. Coleman’s.

When the child was sentenced to St. Coleman’s the father moved to area around St. Coleman’s so he could be near his son and spend time with him. The father told me that the mother NEVER once visited the child at St. Coleman’s. The judge didn’t care, he was out to screw the boy over. As the boy turned 16, he could now live with his father. He was released.

The bigger issue here is that the boy would never have gotten into any trouble if the court had allowed him to live with his father. The judge is the one who should be held responsible for the boy getting into trouble. I should mention, there was nothing in the record that the father was unfit to be the custodial parent. The court believes the children belong with the mother no matter what. Punish the boy for wanting to live with his father.

I would refer you to my previous rant #7 concerning the 14-year girl that was threatened by the judges, attorney and social workers because she wanted to be with her father and the subsequent finding of a clinical psychologist stating the child may be facing imminent and irreparable harm in various forms because of the actions of the judge and attorneys.

14-year old girl’s essay on brutal abuse and threats by judge, social workers and law guardian (8:53) video


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When is something going to be done to protect the children?

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