22 – Did Judge’s Illegal Actions Cause Death of 4 SCU Workers?

22 – Did the judge’s illegal actions cause the death of 4 SCU workers?

In 1992, an Ohio man killed 4 SCU workers in Watkins Glen, NY. In 1992, my mother filed a federal suit to get a house she purchased in 1985 and owned by her. Judge L. Foster James in a closed court proceeding had given exclusive possession of the residence to my ex-wife in 1986, 4 years after our divorce in 1981. House was NOT marital property. My mother was not allowed in the court room and was not a party to the proceeding and as such, Judge James lacked both personal jurisdiction over my mother and had no subject matter jurisdiction concerning possession of the house.

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21 – NYS Support Collection Unit Has Many Scams

21 – NYS Support Collection Unit Has Many Scams

NYS Support Collection Unit has many scams where they are illegally adding more arrears than is owed, increasing cost of living more than is required by law and is illegally suspending driver’s licenses for those that owe back support. The following video goes into more detail concerning these frauds.

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20 – Jeffrey Nichols

20 – Jeffrey Nichols

Judges involved in extortion and fraud.

Fathers face imprisonment for violating these illegal court orders.

Either they pay or go to jail.

In my video, I address several cases of fathers being railroaded by the court. After watching the video, you determine if the fathers are “dead beat” fathers or “beaten dead fathers”. From what I have seen, 70% of the support orders issued DO NOT comply with the law and 99% are in the mother’s favor.

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19 – Father Imprisoned For Violating Illegal Court Orders

19 – Father imprisoned for violating illegal court orders.

Either they pay or go to jail. This is why jury trials are needed and fathers be allowed to prove that the court orders are illegal.

Next is Peter. The judge, Peter’s attorney and the mother’s attorney all conspired to defraud Peter out of almost $60,000. After defrauding Peter, they had Peter illegally sentenced to jail as the family court lacked subject matter jurisdiction as there was no referral from the supreme court to the family court and court order of support did not comply with the law. There were two appeals in 1999.

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18 – Mothers Interfere With Custody

18 – Mothers interfere with custody
Father still pays support.

In the previous proceeding the court stated as to the parties’ oldest daughter after allowing the mother to keep the children. They never addressed the best interest of the children. Use the following case law to terminate support if being denied your time with your children.

Labanowski v Labanowski, 4 AD.3d 690, 3rd Dept. 2004

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17 – Mothers Interfere With Custody With Impunity

17 – Mothers interfere with custody with impunity.

This is one of the worst cases I have seen where the mother refused to allow the father to see his children and in fact turned the children against him so they wanted nothing to do with him. The father told me that the mother’s sister did the exact same thing with her children when they divorced. The court after a trial awarded the father custody and had the children placed in foster care first because the children had been so alienated by the mother.

Within a couple of hours of the ruling, the mother had a stay of the supreme court ruling by Judge Edward O. Spain and he gave the children back to her. According to the father, the mother’s father was very influential in the area so that the matter was heard by a judge from another county.

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16 Mothers Absconds With Child With Impunity

16 Mothers absconds with child with impunity – father gives notice and goes to jail.

The following are part of two appellate court cases that demonstrate how the court treats fathers and mothers who leave the state with the children. Both rulings are from the Appellate Court 3rd Department. You can google the full appellate court rulings.

In the first case Swain v. Vogt 206 A.D.2d 703 (3rd Dept., 1994), you have no idea of what the real facts are behind the ruling until you read the dissenting opinion. The dissenting judge was very clear as to the facts of the case. The facts stated by the dissenting judge:

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