23 – FBI Conspires With NYS & Albany County Officials

23 – The FBI Conspires with NYS & Albany County Officials in Attempted Murder Plot

In my Rant # 22, I documented how the illegal actions of the Judge lead to the killing of 4 SCU workers and that it was covered up by NY Att. Gen. Abrams and the US Department of Justice.

In Rant #11 https://justice4ny.com/list-of-rants/, I documented how the FBI is controlled by the Elite Liberal Democrats. The FBI, by design, is there to protect corrupt governmental officials and to aid in the deprivation and oppression of your Constitutional Rights in New York. The FBI is NOT there to protect our Civil, Constitutional and/or Statutory Rights! The FBI’s mission is to threaten those who would expose governmental corruption. See, Yodle cover-up as Yodle is illegally recording phone calls and defrauding huge numbers of businesses in an advertising scam (30:37) https://youtu.be/9QTQ_htXvCw and my Rant #8 https://justice4ny.com/list-of-rants/. Is Yodle working for the Democrats and/or Federal Government?

I will document how the FBI conspired with NYS officials and the Albany County DA’s Office in an attempted murder plot in an effort to cover up judicial corruption by State and Federal judges and attorneys. Their efforts include trying, convicting and sentencing litigants to jail in closed court proceedings and depriving them of their constitutional right to a jury trial. The most egregious effort is the covering up of extortion by the judges.

Question: How do you protect your constitutional rights to due process and equal protection of the law, your right to a public trial, a jury trial, competent assistance of counsel and a court of proper jurisdiction after the judges have illegally deprived you of your rights, ordered you to pay more in child support than your take home pay and had defrauded your mother out of over $70,000 through their illegal actions and it is all being covered up by the NYS and federal judiciaries? Collins Posters https://justice4ny.com/33-support-issues/

On May 21, 1993, I wrote a letter, after being forced to flee to Florida, demanding that my right to a public trial, a jury trial, a court of proper jurisdiction and that a judge hear the matter and mailed the letter to both state and federal officials including but not limited to, President Bill Clinton, the FBI and many others.

Collins 1st illegal arrest for letter demanding his Constitutional rights be enforced (45:56) https://youtu.be/Wh7s-TMjRLY

At the time of the aforementioned letter, the court had determined my income to be $20,000 per year. That according to my pay stub I earned $400 gross pay, paid $64.32 federal tax, $28.60 Social security, $22.37 New York Tax and $0.60 Medical which left me with $284.11 in take home pay or $14,773.72 per year. I was ordered to pay $66 per week child support, $967 per month mortgage, $150 per month utilities for a yearly total of $16,836. Plus, I was ordered to pay other bills, including but not limited to, past due medical bills, 71% of current medical bills, etc. Please explain how I can pay $16,836 + in child support expenses, when my take-home pay is $14,773.72? What was I supposed to live on? Further, after my first appeal, the matter was remanded back to the Family Court as the Appeals Court determined I could not afford to pay what was ordered. To add insult to injury, Judge James continued my payment of all the bills and then increased my support obligation from $66 to $120 per week. This action put me over $4,000 in arrears as the award was then made retroactive back over 2 years. My support obligation under the CSSA, that would have taken effect one week later, would have been a total of $103.00 per week. In any event, if I didn’t pay, I was to go to jail for violating Judge James Illegal court orders. The reason most notably here is, he had no jurisdiction to even make the order as there was no referral from the Supreme Court to the Family Court as required by the NYS Constitution Art 6 §13. According to the NYS Court of Appeals, Family Court has no authority to modify separation agreements! Kleila v. Kleila, 50 NY2d 277 (1980).

Now how would you like to appear in a court for a trial that had already been fixed and evidently would result you going to jail based upon an illegal court order, took place in a closed court proceeding, where your attorney like mine, Michael Catalfimo, lies to you and refuses to protect your constitutional rights to an open public and jury trial? Further, I had published in four (4) newspapers detailing of the corruption in the New York State and Federal Judiciaries naming the judges and attorneys involved. Most notably, no one sued me! The truth is an absolute defense to libel or slanderous suits. There is also NY Civil Rights Law §74. See the following Collins’ newspapers: https://justice4ny.com/36-collins-newspapers/

This letter was written after the family court, the Appellate Division 3rd Department and the New York State Court of Appeals along with the US District Court and the US Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit all refused to protect my constitutional rights listed above. They are also refusing to protect the rights of every man, women and child that has, is and/or is about to appear in a Family Court proceeding. This also includes our military personnel that fought to protect our rights.

The reason the FBI refused to address the illegal actions of the family court judges is because of the ramifications it would have on the thousands of family court proceedings and that it would expose the illegal imprisonments and other illegal actions being taken by the family court judges. These judges all belong in jail for violating our constitutional rights. The Criminal Court dismissed the charge against me by specifically stating, “that I made NO threats”. Judge Duncan stated:

“I read this and he is listing his own opinions. In reading this in conjunction with the second full paragraph on page eight, I do not constitute these threats but only as rhetorical questions, and that is what the Court finds. This Court is dismissing this on the merits and on the grounds that the charges against Mr. Collins of Section 240.30 of the Penal Law of the State of New York is not a crime. He is not charged with a crime, and therefore the information filed, the prosecutor’s information filed against him is hereby dismissed. (Note: I was arrested and charged with a crime.)”

Joe Biden stated: “It is a general policy of the Judiciary Committee not to intervene in or investigate individual matters. Congressional intervention in a pending case risks violating the constitutional separation between the legislative and judicial branches of government. As it seems that you went to some expense to provide the committee with this information, I am returning it to you.” https://justice4ny.com/26-us-government-responces/

I was not asking for the Senate Judiciary Committee to investigate an individual matter. I was asking them to investigate the illegally closed family court proceedings and the denial of a litigant’s Constitutional right to a jury trial because of the potential sentence involved and other illegal actions of the judges and attorneys as documented in my other rants.

The court found I made NO threats and Biden made no mention of any threats in sending me back my papers. The only complaint came from a reporter.

My video documents what I am stating. Collins 1st illegal arrest for letter demanding his Constitutional rights be enforced (45:56) https://youtu.be/Wh7s-TMjRLY

The documentation including my letter and supporting documents sent with the letter and the court’s transcript of the ruling can be found at: https://justice4ny.com/albany-letter-arrest-1993/

The following are the newspaper articles that were written about me that were totally false concerning the alleged threats I made as the Judge dismissed the criminal complaint on the merits and ruled I made NO threats. The articles also stated that I was an FBI fugitive and the FBI stated that they only wanted to talk to me. When I turned myself in, the FBI no longer wanted to talk to me. The FBI did not want to discuss the violation of my constitutional and statutory rights by the New York State judiciary and the illegal taking of my mother’s real property during this closed court proceeding that she was not allowed to attend and was not a party to and therefore, the court lacked personal jurisdiction over my mother and subject matter jurisdiction over the real property, See the following: https://justice4ny.com/23-fbi/ 

After the dismissal of the charges, I took a vacation to Florida. Upon getting off of the plane in Albany, I was greeted by two FBI agents, one was Michael Clancy, claiming that I was making threats toward government officials. When I asked them what they were talking about as the alleged charge was dismissed against me and I asked who I allegedly threatened? Clancy repeatedly told me he could not give me that information. Clancy also told me that he did not care about my problems and then he emphatically proceeded to tell me to keep my mouth shut or else! I asked, or else what? I got the same response. He then gave me his card and told me I could complain to his boss. It probably was his boss who sent him to threaten me. (Remember, the FBI does not care about the violation of your constitutional rights, their specific duty is to protect corrupt government officials, especially the judges and attorneys!)

Are FBI actions threats or free speech? (4:34) https://youtu.be/AUF16e3ckwA

The FBI and the Capital Police with most likely input from the Albany County DA’s Office put out a poster of me stating that “subj: despondent – poss armed with one or more fully Automatic weapons”. It also stated that I was seen around my ex-wife’s residence (the house owned by my mother). I was NOT in New York State at any time during this period. They stated my youngest son had seen me. When I asked my son about this he told me he never saw me and didn’t know what I was talking about. Obviously, the detective Peters lied to me.

I was later told by an officer of rank that this was basically a “shoot to kill” order and the same officer stated that they were describing me as “Rambo” (His words, not mine.) All this because I was demanding my Constitutional Rights to a public trial and jury trial? For more detail, refer to the following videos.

Collins wanted Poster:


(*) At the time, period these wanted posters were posted, I was NOT in the State of New York.

History of attempted murder by FBI & State Officials (24:13)


Bill Clinton’s Justice / FBI cover-up of NYS’s illegal actions (26:20) https://youtu.be/Eu92fJYQdz8

There needs to be an investigation into the FBI and their illegal acts in helping state, county and federal officials in depriving litigants of their Constitutional rights. Further, anyone who has been illegally imprisoned by the family court can thank the FBI for doing nothing. The only thing the FBI does is protect the corrupt state and federal judges and attorneys!!!

Here is a question to ponder.

Based upon this Rant and my previous Rant 11 https://justice4ny.com/list-of-rants/ documenting how the FBI is controlled by the democrats, who did the investigation into the death of Vince Foster where Bill and Hillary were accused of murdering their old friend Vince Foster as a way to cover up corruption and there are now allegations that Hillary was behind the death of Seth Rich a democrat staffer at the Democrat National Committee as according to people like Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, Rich was really gunned down because he was cooperating with hackers leaking DNC emails. (It was NOT the Russians doing the Leaking!!) Hillary Clinton had to prove over and over again that she did not deliberately let Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans die in Benghazi, Libya. (Huffpost, Politics 08/15/2016 by Amanda Terkel) I’m sure you’ll agree, I think it was the FBI that allegedly did all of the investigations on them.

Currently, the democrats are quietly trying to distance themselves from Hillary and asking her to disappear.

As a final note: The illegal court order giving my ex-wife exclusive possession of my mother’s non-marital real property for 13 years caused my mother to be defrauded of over $156,000 by Judge James and I have been forced to pay over $25,000 in interest on the money they claimed I owed, even though the housing should have been deducted from my child support obligation. Further, they claim I still owe $25,000 that they are stilling taking out of my checking account every two weeks. If I don’t pay, I will go to jail in a closed court and be deprived of my constitutional right to a jury trial. This is extortion, pay or go to jail. The statute of limitations has not expired as each time they deduct the money from my account, it is a new crime as it is based upon illegal court orders that do not comply with the law and the judges lacked subject matter jurisdiction to issue them.

Do the Republicans have the integrity to stand up to the Democrats and investigate Hillary and Comey and investigate the illegal imprisonments in New York State? Notice, the Republicans will agree with the Democrats for investigations, but the democrats will fight the Republicans over investigations into democrats.

Remember, the judges go home every night laughing their asses off as how they are able to destroy families and to deprive us of our income.

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