26 – Judgment of Divorce

Scales and Gavel

New York State in its divorce packet papers demands that in the Judgment of Divorce, that the parties state their addresses and social security numbers. Why should either party give out the other’s social security number because someone needs a copy of their divorce?

Even though this has been a requirement for years, I have conveniently left this information off in the Judgment of Divorce and until recently only one judge complained. Now the judges, especially the family court judges assigned to the supreme court for the divorce proceeding are demanding this information be in the Judgment of Divorce because it is in the NYS Divorce Packet forms.

Years ago, there was one judge whose secretary demanded this information and I had a client who absolutely did not want her address or social security number in the Judgment. We solved the problem. I told her to go to the judge’s clerk and asked a very simple question. What was the question? Would you want your address and social security number being passed around a state prison? She didn’t have to put her address and social security number in the Judgment. As a note, I saw a judgment dated within a couple of weeks prior that was prepared by an attorney and no address or social security number even though the secretary or law clerk stated it was mandatory. Obviously, this only mandatory for pro se litigants. Discrimination? Further, there is no law, that I know of, ßthat requires that each party’s address and social security number be in the judgment of divorce.

There are a lot of people who do not want the ex-wife or ex-husband to know their address or social security number. If the other person refuses to give their social security number, your SS Number is in the Judgment, but the other party’s is not. What if you can’t find the other party and do not know their SS number? People change all the time and even change during the divorce proceedings. What do you do if your ex is not the most honest person? So why should some people be required to provide this information in their judgment of divorce while others do not have to. Isn’t this a violation of a person’s right to privacy? As documented in one of my videos, the forms for the family court and divorce forms DO NOT comply with the NYS Constitution and in my opinion, they people designing or changing the forms are trying to make it harder for the pro se litigant to get a divorce without an attorney and are constantly trying to add new requirements. This is a further attempt by the state to force divorcing parents to sacrifice their right to privacy and to protect themselves against identity theft.

Wrong statements on Family Court and Divorce Forms

violate the law (3:43) https://youtu.be/XJG1xTtRafg

You need to know your rights and how to address these issues in court.

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