28 – NYS Secretary of State Amends State Constitution

Scales of Justice

NYS Secretary of State uilaterally amends State Constitution.

WHY? What authority?

In scoop #27, I addressed the issue of the appointment of hearing examiners, now support magistrates, violates the NYS Constititution. At the time of my appeal and to the present, the NYS State Constitution Art. 6, §13 states:

[Family Court established, composition; elections and appointment of judges; jurisdiction]

At some point after this, the NYS Secreaty of State had the NYS Constitution amended to read:

[Family court; organization; jurisdiction]

Notice that “Family Court Established, composition and elections and appointment of judges” have all been consolidated to “organization”. Who requested this change? My bet, it was the corrupt chief Judge Judith Kaye who, as will be documented, held that the right to a public trial and a jury trial before one is impriosoned are NOT substantial rights in NYS! Who authorized this change? In my opinion and others, this is a deliberate attempt to cover-up the fact that support magistrates are NOT authorized to hear any family court matters and therefore, their actions are illegal and their orders void. This would also apply to Judicial Hearing Officers (JHO’s) that are appointed to hear custody matters. The judiciary wants to cover this up because of the enormous ramifications it would have on the millions of family court orders issued by hearing examiners and now support magistrates and that NYS could be held liable for these illegal court orders!

If you go to your local law library, usually located next to the supreme court, or any public library that carries McKinney’s Laws of New York go to Book 2 titled Constitution and it will be as stated as in my paperwork. If you look it up on the web, you get the new version that is put out by the NYS Department of State. Again, who requested the change, who authorized the change and why was the NYS Constitution changed without a constitutional convention? Answer. To cover up the illegal appointments of support magistrates in family court.

As a note, recently I saw a court order by former family court judge who was a JHO and signed the court orders as “Judicial Hearing Officer” after he resigned his position as a judge. He is now using “acting family court judge”. The NYS Constitution Art. 6 §26 – [Temporary assignments of judges and justices] does not authorize retired judges to be appointed as acting family court judges. The NYS constitution is very specific who can be assigned to act as a family court judge. Obviously, the NYS Judiciary could give a sh— about the state and federal constitutions!

Should the US Government take over control of the NYS Judiciary away from the liberal democrats by appointing someone outside of the NYS Judiciary to clean it up? The violation of Constitutional Rights has to end. NO one should be tried, convicted and sentenced to jail in a closed court proceeding and deprived of their constitutional right to a jury trial as well as their other constitutional and statutory rights. (I know, Cuomo, Schumer, Gillibrand and Sneiderman will oppose as they support the violation of Constitution Rights and trials being held in secret (closed) and the litigants being deprive of their constitutional right to a jury trial and we must NOT forget, the oppression of rights of minors. Also, Cuomo, Schumer, Gillibrand and Sneiderman will protect illegal aliens in NYS, but will NOT protect the citizens of NY and the stripping of their constitutional rights!). This is what liberal democrats do!!!

Support Magistrates & Judicial Hearing Officers (JHO) are illegal (12:22)


NYS Constitution Article VI, §13 Family Court – old and new version

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You need to know your rights and how to address these issues in court.

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The politicians will claim it is to protect us, instead it will be used to protect the corrupt judges and politicians. They will lie about what they are going to do and then claim they couldn’t get that passed byt instead they get passed what they want without any notification that these issues will be addressed. It is called Bait and Switch. These issues I raised are probably going to be addressed at the constitutional convention and the family court act will be amended.

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