52 Children have no right to privacy


Senators Kirsten Gillibrand and Chuck Schumer and the democrats are slowly trying to do away with boys’ and girls’ rooms and/or locker rooms as well as men’s and women’s’ rooms and/or locker rooms. They want all children and adults to use the same bathrooms, locker rooms, showers. In short, there will no longer be any boys, men’s, girls or women’s rest rooms, they will all be unisex.


Would you want your daughter (under 18) sharing a bathroom or shower with a person who has the physical body parts of the opposite sex? Would you want your son (under 18) sharing a bathroom or shower with a person who has the physical body parts of the opposite sex? Would you want to share a restroom, locker room or shower with a person with the physical body parts of the opposite sex that you do not know? Would you want your spouse to share a restroom, locker room or shower with a person with the physical body parts of the opposite sex? How do you think your older mother or father feel about having someone join them in a shower in a locker room with the body parts of the opposite sex? Do you really think that children of any age should be looking at the nude bodies of the opposite sex? The democrats do!


Do you really want your 10-16-year old daughter taking a shower with another 10-16-year old that has male parts?

Do you really want your 10-16-year old son taking a shower with another 10-16-year old that has female parts?


In a recent federal ruling, the judge held that there is no right to privacy for children as it allowed a biological girl to use the boys’ rooms and locker rooms as she considered herself a boy! The judge also held that if the parents don’t like it, they can change schools. There is no more right to privacy except if you are having an abortion. This ruling was supported by the democrats. https://www.oregonlive.com/pacific-northwest-news/index.ssf/2018/07/judge_transgender_students_hav.html


According to the article: Attorneys for Parents for Privacy couldn’t be reached immediately Wednesday. But in court papers, they argued that as parents, they have a “duty to instill moral standards and values in their children.” (Something the democrats don’t like and are against!)


They also contended that the children are concerned about maintaining their modesty in front of transgender classmates. (classmates of the opposite biological sex.)


“These students have the sincere religious belief that they must not undress, or use the restroom, in the presence of the opposite biological sex, and also that they must not be in the presence of the opposite biological sex while the opposite biological sex is undressing or using the restroom,” the group said in court documents.


Just wait and see, the Federal courts will hold the same for adults. So, expect to have your husband or wife, mother or father, son or daughter share a restroom, locker room or shower with someone of the opposite biological sex and there is nothing you can do about it except not use public restrooms, locker rooms and/or showers at a gym or other facility. This is just the beginning and has gotten the democrats agenda in the door. The democrats will demand that the school must have unisex locker rooms. No more boys and girl’s rooms.


Challenge for Cuomo, Schumer & Gillibrand who are all for this. Why don’t each of them share a locker room and shower with someone of the opposite biological sex that they don’t know? Why don’t they have their spouses and children do the same? They are forcing it on us, our children, grandchildren & parents. This will show how committed they really are, and how immoral they are. Just think of the publicity they would get. The federal judge who made this ruling should be required to do the same as well as his family members. Democrats have no morals. To force children, yet alone adults, into such situations, shows a complete lack of any morals on their part and how sick these people really are. THIS IS A FORM OF CHILD ABUSE!


If you are for children and/or adults being forced into these situations, vote Democrat.

If you want to protect children and/or adults from these situations, vote Republican.


I have four challenges that I am willing to pay $5,000 to the first person who can provide the documents that would support the rulings of the corrupt NYS judges. The judges have falsely stated the proof is there. If you can’t find the proof, you have just proved how corrupt the NYS Court of Appeals and judiciary is. All documentation can be found on my website www.justice4ny.com. For the challenges and rules go to https://justice4ny.com/scoops Scoops 55, 56 & 57.


Remember: When democrats and liberals don’t get what they want, what do they do? They protest, they riot, they loot, they harass people, get in their faces no matter where they are. The democrat targets cannot even eat dinner out in peace and quiet. It was Obama and Maxine Waters who told them to do this! The elected democrats like Cuomo, Schumer and Gillibrand refuse to state that this has to stop because they want it to continue. (Questions: There were riots, looting and burning of businesses and homes in Ferguson & Baltimore and people were caught on camera rioting, looting, burning businesses and homes. How many of these people caught on camera were arrested and prosecuted for their illegal actions? Did any of them get substantial jail time? Did the democrats who control those cities look the other way?) The democrats support this behavior and by voting for a democrat you are also supporting this behavior. Is this what you really want?


The democrats DO NOT believe in free speech. When conservatives go to colleges to give a speech they are harassed, threatened and consistently interrupted if the appearance is not canceled. The democrats will riot outside, take down barriers because only they can be heard. Democrats get in people’s faces yelling and screaming at them, so that the party cannot be heard. What are democrats afraid of? THE TRUTH! Notice that Cuomo, Schumer and Gillibrand support this as none of them have come out against these actions. Even Hillary Clinton has stated that Democrats cannot be civil with the republicans and Eric Holder is telling them to kick those who disagree with the democrats. This is what the democrats are teaching their children. Don’t get your way, destroy those who think differently. Sore losers! They call it free speech. What about the other person’s free speech rights and the right of other people to hear what they have to say? If you believe in preventing people from speaking because they have an opposing view, vote for the democrats, but don’t complain your rights are taken away from you, especially if you disagree with them. It already has happen and will continue to in New York State’s corrupt family court system and even in the criminal justice system.


The democrats are bullies as they use intimidation and threats and make no mistake about it, they are taking our Constitutional rights away!! They are the new Itlers. The FBI is the new Gestopo for the democrats.


The democrats will fight for illegal aliens to stay in the US even though they have been convicted of murder, rape and other felonies. Yet, they will not fight for the citizens of NYS whose constitutional rights are being deliberatdely violated by the democrats. They support sanctuary cities where those charged with felonies can hide out. It has also been reported that illegal aliens get a better break in sentencing so they can stay here. Does this make sense? They also want them to vote, of course, for the democrats that is why the democrats do not anyone to have to prove they are a US citizen to vote.


Also, the democrats kept telling us that Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh was going to take our rights away, yet, they could NOT cite one case where Judge Kavanaugh had done such a thing. They also had a women claim that he attempted to rape her. Even though she claimed three people, including her best friend witnessed this, not one of them supported her and stated they never saw it happen. The democrats like Schumer and Gillibrand were out to get Judge Kavanaugh at any cost. The democrats do not care who they distroy. To the democrats, you are quilty until you prove yourself innocent. The democrats do not belive in the innocent until proven guilty, unless you are a democrat. According to them, if you are not a democrat, any allegation against a republican is true, no proof needed or required.


My documentation above and in my “Scoops”, clearly proves that it is the corrupt democrats who are stripping us of our constitutional and statutory rights. That the democrats support the illegal imprisonments of men, women and children in New York State by depriving them of their Constitutional rights to a public trial, a jury trial, a court of proper jurisdiction, competent assistance of counsel just to start with. In criminal courts, as documented in my various “Scoops”, the democrats are depriving litigants of their constitutional right to counsel, yet alone, competent assistance of counsel, are changing the law to get convictions and are involved in case fixing and extortion. I challenge the corrupt democrats to take my challenges at https://justice4ny.com/scoops/ (Scoops 55, 56 & 57). The democrats will not take the challenge because they know what I am stating is true. I have the proof of democrat corruption!


When Republicans and conservatives don’t get what they want they don’t do those things. They go to work. They have jobs and they believe in the Constitution. Vote Republican to protect our Constitutional rights.


Evil succeeds when good people stand by and do nothing!


Charles E. Collins, III

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52 Children have no right to privacy

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