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About Us

Hello. I’m your host Charles Collins.

As you may be well aware, the State of New York is run and controlled by the Democrapts. The videos you are able to review here are going to demonstrate and document, how the New York State Judiciary, from the Lower City Courts all the way up to and including the New York State’s Court of Appeals is stripping, the citizens, our military and police of this state, of their State and Federal Constitutional and Statutory Rights. If you end up in in a New York State Court, you can expect to be deprived of your constitutional and statutory rights!

There clearly is no longer a constitutional right to due process and equal protection of the law in the State of New York. Please, I urge you to watch these videos as it will clearly demonstrate and document this Constitutional Right no longer exists, thanks to the democrapts with the overwhelming help of the Bill Clinton Justice Department.

The Unified Court System’s web site states:

“The mission of the Unified Court System is to promote the rule of law and to serve the public by providing just and timely resolution of all matters before the courts.”

As will be documented here in these videos:



The mission of the Unified Court System clearly IS NOT to promote the rule of law or to serve the public by providing just and timely resolution of all matters before the courts, but to actually destroy the families of this state, one at a time, by systematically depriving the litigants of their Constitutional, Statutory and Civil Rights. In a closer review, it’s not what you see the court doing, it’s actually what you don’t see that is the problem.


It will be documented within this video that former democrapt Chief Judge Judith Kaye, of the Court of Appeals for the State of New York, was a power-mad hypocrite who regularly boasted about her and the court’s ethical principles during public interviews, but in fact, was actually in secret, coordinating a statewide multi-billion dollar racketeering enterprise that utilized a systematic scheme to fix court cases and deprive litigants of their Constitutional and Statutory Rights. Her contumacious and calculated efforts resulted in the New York State collecting billions of taxpayer dollars from our Federal Government each year and created a deplorable environment for which attorneys made billions of dollars each year from the misery and destruction of families that is deliberate cause of this corrupt court process.


This video will demonstrate there must be open public investigative hearings concerning overwhelming corruption within the New York State Legal System. The judges and attorneys have to be held accountable for their illegal actions and required to testify as to the illegal actions documented within this video presentation. Most notably, these Judges and attorneys will more than likely exercise their 5th Amendment right against self incrimination, but if any Judge or attorney does so, they should immediately be suspended from office and practice of law pending the outcome of the investigation.


This video will demonstrate Governor Cuomo, Hillary Clinton and the Democrapts are waging a public war on our 2nd amendment rights. After this presentation it will be clear, Cuomo, Hillary and the democrapts are striping us of our other Constititional Rights and deliberately covering it up with the help of the news media.


I am hereby asking you: How many of you have had a family member involved in the family court process; have been in or are currently involved in a divorce or have been in or currently involved in a criminal proceeding? More than likely your Statutory or Constitional Rights are being or were violated.


Herein this video it will be demonstrated and documented:

  1. That every man, women and child, with no exceptions, currently imprisoned and/or in the custody of the New York State Family Court are illegally being held in jail or in Juvenal detention as they have been deprived of at least one of their Constitional Rights.
  2. Family Court litigants are denied at least one and in most cases more of the following:
  3. The Right to a public trial;
  4. The Right to a jury trial;
  5. The Right to competent assistance of counsel;
  6. The Right to a court of proper jurisdiction;
  7. The Right to have a judge to hear their matter;
  8. The Right to have a judge to hear their matter concerning a court order, that they are accused of violating that does not comply with the law.


In my opinion, over 60% of the Family Court Orders of Support do not comply with the law and in over 98% of them the father is being required to pay more in support than the law requires.

  1. If you were envolved in a Criminal Proceeding, your rights were probably violated. This is especially true if your proceedings took place within the jurisdiction of Albany County. The facts herein are clear, the public defenders in Albany County are the assistants to the District Attorney. They are there to help the ADA’s, not the litigants. These Public Defenders fail to properly defend their clients and the court covers it up and also violates the litigant’s rights.
  2. It will be documented that an Albany Court judge, two public defenders and an assistant district attorney had no idea that a litigant had a right to a jury trial. The judge the same had to write a letter stating after review the litigant was entitled to jury trial.
  3. New York State Judiciary repeatedly refuses to address the constitutionality of state statutes that violate the State and/or Federal Constitutions. A delibrate violation of a litigant’s Constiutional Right to due process and equal protection of the law.
  4. Democrapt Chief Judge Judith Kaye held that a person’s right to a public trial, a jury trial and a court of proper jurisdiction are not substantial rights in the State of New York before they are sentenced to jail and incarcerated.
  5. Democrapt Chief Judge Judith Kaye ruled on a matter for which she was directly involved in and had a direct relationship with. Under New York Statutes, this was a conflict of interest and thus she was clearly prohibited by law from ruling on the matter.
  6. The Executive Branch and the Judiciary conspired to deprive litigants of their Constitutional and Statutory Rights by way of intimidating threats and false imprisonment for those who dare try to expose the corruption. The Judiciary and Executive Branch clearly worked hand in hand to accomplish this.
  7. If you work or worked for the State of New York and are in the middle of a divorce or are divorced, New York State is defrauding state workers of millions of dollars each year from their pensions. If you are divorced and your former spouse receives part of your state pension, you might be in for a rather uncomfortable shock after viewing this video.
  8. The State of New York is clearly defrauding retired Federal employees of their proper share of their pensions if they are divorced and the other party receives a part of their pension.
  9. For those that pay Child Support, the New York State Support Collection Unit is defrauding those that pay child support out of millions of dollars each year by way of its new accounting system.
  10. The New York State Support Collection Unit is illegally suspending driver’s licenses each year in order to extort money from those that pay child support.
  11. The New York State Support Collection Unit is illegally adjusting support payments with a Cost of living Increase in violation of the law.
  12. The Court forms for divorce and modification of Court Orders in Family Court, prepared by the Democrapt state employees do not comply with the State Constitution. In fact, these forms violate the State Constitution.
  13. New York State Department of State has deliberately altered, yes deliberately altered, the New York State Constitution and has clearly usurped the Legislative branches power of making law. This violation of the State’s Constitution is a deliberate effort to cover up violations of the State Constitution by New York’s corrupt Judiciary.
  14. New York State Judges are encouraging child abuse and they themselves are involved in the direct abduction and abuse of children that is also being covered up.
  15. Law Guardians and Social Workers are deliberately colluding and allowing children to be abused. They are filing false reports with the Court in an effort to perpetuate the abuse within the Court System and this is being covered up.
  16. The Family Court System utilizes children as pawns with the sole intent of destroying any relationship the child may have with their father.
  17. Family Court Judges and Support Magistrates are knowingly and deliberately issuing Court Orders of Support that do not comply with the law in an effort to defraud fathers out of millions of dollars each year.
  18. New York State Judges and Support Magistrates are knowingly and deliberately incarcerating fathers for violating illegal Court Orders they themselves rendered and are clearly aware that these Orders of the Court violate the law, and are null and void.
  19. Corrupt New York State Judges, Attorneys and District Attorneys have placed themselves above the law and they cover for each other.
  20. The Democrapts, Governor Cuomo and Hillary Clinton, are deliberately promoting the denigration and abuse of women and little girls by forcing them to forfeit their Constitutional Right to Privacy while under the guise of claiming to protect them. The Democrapts Modus of Operandi, state one thing and do another. They are always pitting one group against another on different issues so you don’t see what they are actually doing. The democrapts use the theory of divide and conquer quite well.
  21. The office of Democrapt Eric Sneiderman is covering up the illegal wire tapping of business phone calls. Some of whom may be doctor’s or legal offices. In doing so, they are allowing small businesses in this and other states to be defrauded of tens of millions of dollars each year. Ask yourself this question, Is our democrapt government now using private companies to illegally wire tap phone conversations and to spy on businesses?

Well, I have here a copy of both the US Constitution and the New York State Constitution that can also be easily found online for the Democrapts, Hillary Clinton, Governor Cuomo, Chuck Schumer, Eric Sneiderman and Chief Judge DiFiore of the Court of Appeals to review at anytime.


Have any of you democrapt officials ever read the federal or state constitutions? Do any of you, the people’s representatives, understand them? You are all supposed to be licensed attorneys with a firm understanding of the law, with sole exception to Mrs. Clinton, her law license has been suspended.


After reviewing this video, I am hereby challenging each of you democrapts, to explain why the democrapts in New York State and the Bill Clinton Justice Department have been and are continuing to strip us of both our Federal and State Constititional and Statutory Rights. Please explain why after reviewing this video you are illegally imprisoning people who demand that their rights be protected. Please address in full each of the issues I raised within this video.


For the citizens of this state and our military you need to exercise your Constitutional Right to free speech. Call the news media and ask why they are covering up the illegal actions of the democrapts and the judges that violate our State and Federal Constitutional and Statutory Rights. Just as they are covering up for Hillary.


The citizens of this state also need to call Govenor Cuomo’s Office, the Family Court Clerk’s Offices within each county, the Family Court Judges and Support Magistrates whose phone numbers are listed on some county websites and on the Unified Court System Website.


Call the Court and the Judges and ask under what authority do they have to strip you or your family members of their Statutory and Constititional rights.

Do Not Threaten, but simply tell them that violation of our Statutory and Constitutional rights will no longer be tolerated.


Call for the immediate release of all those illegally imprisoned by the Family Court.


Demand that the corrupt judges and attorneys be immediately arrested and prosecuted.


Further, all states should use Govenor Cuomo’s approach to North Carolina, BOYCOTT New York State. The military, the horse racing associations, all civic and governmental groups need to Boycott New York as New York State is not only corrupt, but UnAmerican as New York strips its citizens of their rights as fully documented in the following presentation.


Remember: These judges go home every night laughing their asses off on how they have stripped you or your family members of their Constitutional Rights, destroyed your family with their illegal actions and having you believe there is nothing you can do about it. There is. Stand up and fight for your rights. Exercise your constitutional right to free speech.


Make no mistake about it, New York State Judges are not only traitors to both the US and the New York State Constitutions, they are also terrorists in that THEY TERRORIZE FAMILIES.


Finally, as an added bonus, this video will demonstrate and document:

  1. The FBI has been and continues to be under the control of the democrapts;
  2. The FBI’s mission is to assist and protect the corrupt democrapts in the deprivation and violation of our Statutory and Constitutional Rights by threats, intimidation and other means that was supported by the Clinton FBI the Clinton Justice Department.

Just look at what they have done for Hillary by covering up her and Obama’s illegal actions by allowing classified and top secret emails to be placed on Hillary’s unsecurred server and by Hillary’s effort to sell out our country as Secretaty of State through the Clinton Foundation so Hillary and Bill can make hundreds of millions of dollars. If she becomes the president of the this great country it could easily surpass a Billion. DON’T LET THIS HAPPEN!!!

The most important questions that have not been asked by anyone, including the FBI, are:

  1. Who was responsible for marking the classified and top secret emails that Hillary Clinton claims that were not marked classified or top secret, yet, were on her unsecured server? Bet it was Hillary
  2. Was this person fired?
  3. Did the FBI interview this person to find out why they did not properly mark the classified and top secret emails?
  4. Who sent classified and top secret emails to Hillary without them being marked?   Obama
  5. Who was the person responsible for marking the classified and top secret emails. Hillary and Obama


Make no mistake about it, the Democrapts are out to destroy this country, our freedoms and way of life in this country by taking away all of our Constitutional Rights. One state at a time.

Remember, our military is there to protect our rights and have fought for freedom only to have the Democrapts erode them away.

The military did not fight for our freedoms for the democrapts to vote them away.


Please take note all of the supporting documentation in this video can be found on my website justice4ny.com and my email is justice4ny@aol.com