23 – FBI Conspires With NYS & Albany County Officials

23 – The FBI Conspires with NYS & Albany County Officials in Attempted Murder Plot

In my Rant # 22, I documented how the illegal actions of the Judge lead to the killing of 4 SCU workers and that it was covered up by NY Att. Gen. Abrams and the US Department of Justice.

In Rant #11 https://justice4ny.com/list-of-rants/, I documented how the FBI is controlled by the Elite Liberal Democrats. The FBI, by design, is there to protect corrupt governmental officials and to aid in the deprivation and oppression of your Constitutional Rights in New York. The FBI is NOT there to protect our Civil, Constitutional and/or Statutory Rights! The FBI’s mission is to threaten those who would expose governmental corruption. See, Yodle cover-up as Yodle is illegally recording phone calls and defrauding huge numbers of businesses in an advertising scam (30:37) https://youtu.be/9QTQ_htXvCw and my Rant #8 https://justice4ny.com/list-of-rants/. Is Yodle working for the Democrats and/or Federal Government?

I will document how the FBI conspired with NYS officials and the Albany County DA’s Office in an attempted murder plot in an effort to cover up judicial corruption by State and Federal judges and attorneys. Their efforts include trying, convicting and sentencing litigants to jail in closed court proceedings and depriving them of their constitutional right to a jury trial. The most egregious effort is the covering up of extortion by the judges.

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22 – Did Judge’s Illegal Actions Cause Death of 4 SCU Workers?

22 – Did the judge’s illegal actions cause the death of 4 SCU workers?

In 1992, an Ohio man killed 4 SCU workers in Watkins Glen, NY. In 1992, my mother filed a federal suit to get a house she purchased in 1985 and owned by her. Judge L. Foster James in a closed court proceeding had given exclusive possession of the residence to my ex-wife in 1986, 4 years after our divorce in 1981. House was NOT marital property. My mother was not allowed in the court room and was not a party to the proceeding and as such, Judge James lacked both personal jurisdiction over my mother and had no subject matter jurisdiction concerning possession of the house.

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21 – NYS Support Collection Unit Has Many Scams

21 – NYS Support Collection Unit Has Many Scams

NYS Support Collection Unit has many scams where they are illegally adding more arrears than is owed, increasing cost of living more than is required by law and is illegally suspending driver’s licenses for those that owe back support. The following video goes into more detail concerning these frauds.

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20 – Jeffrey Nichols

20 – Jeffrey Nichols

Judges involved in extortion and fraud.

Fathers face imprisonment for violating these illegal court orders.

Either they pay or go to jail.

In my video, I address several cases of fathers being railroaded by the court. After watching the video, you determine if the fathers are “dead beat” fathers or “beaten dead fathers”. From what I have seen, 70% of the support orders issued DO NOT comply with the law and 99% are in the mother’s favor.

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18 – Mothers Interfere With Custody

18 – Mothers interfere with custody
Father still pays support.

In the previous proceeding the court stated as to the parties’ oldest daughter after allowing the mother to keep the children. They never addressed the best interest of the children. Use the following case law to terminate support if being denied your time with your children.

Labanowski v Labanowski, 4 AD.3d 690, 3rd Dept. 2004

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14 Are Mothers Who Kill Their Children Above the Law?

14 Are mothers who kill their children above the law in New York?

I previously documented in my Rants that mothers can pour hot sauce down the children’s throats, make them take cold showers and sleep in wet pajamas, can overdose the child on medication and nothing is done. How a mother can give birth to dunk baby with an alcohol level of .18 twice the legal limit for an adult of .08. I also documented how judges, attorneys and social works are allowed to abuse children who want to see their father.

What happens to mothers who kill their children?

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07 Judges Abusing Children

07 Judges Abusing Children


Exposing Judicial Corruption & the

Violation of Constitutional Rights

What happens to children who do not have father’s in their lives:

https://justice4ny.com/just-the-facts/ scroll down page

Just a couple of examples:

63.0% of youth suicides are from fatherless homes

90.0% of all homeless and runaway children are from fatherless homes

85.0% of all children that exhibit behavioral disorders come from fatherless homes

71.0% of all high school dropouts come from fatherless homes

85% of all youths sitting in prisons grew up in a fatherless home

Who is the major cause of this?

The NYS family court.

This is about a 14-year old girl who wrote an essay as a class assignment. All she talks about is her father and how great he is as he listens to her and helps her. She even ran away to her father’s house. The court threatened her that her father would go to jail if she ran to his house again. They didn’t care what the mother was doing. This 14-year old then documents how she was being abused by the judge, her law guardians and the social workers. That they would yell at her for wanting to see and be with her father.

14-year old girl’s essay on brutal abuse and threats by judge, social workers and law guardian (8:53) video


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