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Clinton Cuomo Transgender


Earlier I stated that Govenor Cuomo and Hillary Clinton support the the denigration and abuse of women and little girls.

Do you think it is right for a male to use a women’s restroom, share a women’s locker room and shower with them without their permission? Would you want a male walking in on your mother, wife, sister or daughter while they are using a women’s restroom, changing in women’s or girl’s locker room or walking in when they are taking a shower and joining them? If your daughter’s go to school, do you want a male sharing the girl’s locker room or shower with them?

Do you think transgender women should be allowed to do the same to men in mens rooms, locker rooms or showers?

I certainly don’t.

Do you believe that your mother, wife, sister or daughter are entitled to their constitutional right to privacy? Do you believe men are entitled to their right to privacy? Govenor Cuomo, Hillary Clinton and the other democrapts do not believe you are entitled to this right. Transgender males or females rights come first and are deemed superior to your female or male family members privacy rights at least according to the Democrapts.

The Obama Administration’s directive requires all states to allow transgender males, who by definition are still biologically and anatomically male, to use women’s restrooms, locker rooms and showers and transgender females to use men’s restooms, locker rooms and showers.

North Carolina, in response to this directive, passed a law that contradicts this directive.

The North Carolina law states that person born a man is to use men’s rooms and those born a women are to use women’s rooms because the Democrapts unilaterally decided for this country that transgerder men can now use women and girls rooms, use women and girls locker rooms and use the womens and girls showers as well as transgender women using men’s rooms, locker rooms and showers.


The Obama administration was not happy with the North Carolina bathroom law, and now claims the rule to keep transgender men out of the women’s bathrooms, locker rooms and showers and keeping transgender women out of the mens rooms violates Federal Civil Rights Laws.


I hereby challenge any and all of you demoncrapts to state exactly what Federal Civil Rights Law is being violated? I also challenge you democrapts to state how this so called federal rights law trumps our Constitutional Right to Privacy.


Now, the Department of Justice has announced their plan to withdraw “hundreds of millions of dollars” in school funding if the State of North Carolina implements their bathroom law. Notably, Men using men’s rooms and women and girls using women’s rooms has been in effect for decades.

What about a women’s or a man’s intimate Constitutional Right to Privacy. What civil rights law requires women to allow men into their bathrooms, their locker rooms and shower rooms and the same women using men’s rooms? Isn’t a women’s and a mans’ Consitutional Right to Privacy a civil right?


Hillary, you claim you are fighting for women and children and here you are fighting for males to be in women’s and girls bathrooms, locker rooms and shower rooms. You also support Sharia Law and refuse to take any stance on how badly women are treated in the Middle East. LGBT people are killed in the Middle East because of their orientation. Women cannot drive. Women cannot leave the house without a male family member. Yet, you do not speak out about this. You do not speak out about honor killings? WHY?


Yet, your family foundation has taken tens of millions of dollars from Middle East who abuse women. These Middle East donors have bought your silence and this clearly demonstrates your aceptance of this policy in the Middle East.


Any person that would promote the the denigration and abuse of women and little girls is immoral. Clearly your only concern regarding this matter is a desire for votes in this coming election and money contributions for your foundation.


Tell me Hillary, why should any women or little girl be forced to share a ladies room, a girl’s locker room or shower with any male, transgender or otherwise? I don’t care what label you want to call them, they are still a male and they have no right to take away my mother’s, my sisters, my daughter’s or my grand daughter’s right to intimate privacy when they are using a public bathroom, a girls locker room or a girls shower room.


Govenor Cuomo, Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer, the NBA, the NCAA and the Democrapts do not believe that women and girls have the any right to privacy. They believe that transgender males have more rights than mothers, wives, sisters and daughter’s do. It is their position that transgender males have a right to just walk in on women and girls no matter what.


The problem with the law is that it is based upon how the person sexually perceives themselves, not how others anotomically or physically see them. Transgenders are still biolgically and anotomically correct as to their birth.


What about the other laws on the books such as exposing one’s self to others? How about the many other Statutes that prevent the opposite sex from exposing themselves to the opposite gender and clearly contradict this insane Federal Directive.


The Democrapts claim that by refusing to allow transgender males access to women’s rooms, locker rooms and showers is limiting the civil rights of the LGBT community and that you are immoral to protest this. This is absolute crap!


The Democrapts are the ones that are immoral by willfully and deliberately taking away the civil rights of every mother, wife, sister and daughter. Their Constitutional Right to Privacy should not be denied.


Chuck Schumer wants the NCAA, an organization supporting the the denigration and abuse of women and little girls, to come to Albany. They declined. No matter where the NCAA goes, they should be picketted by all women’s groups as well as fathers, husbands and grandparents and this also goes for the NBA.


The NCAA and the NBA should not be allowed to make millions of dollars while supporting the the denigration and abuse of women and little girls. Both organizations should be boycotted.


The NCAA and the NBA officials have stated by their actions that they have no problem with their female family members privacy rights being taken away. It would be deplorable to be related to anyone of them.


If you Democrapts think having males, transgender or otherwise, use women’s or girls bathrooms, locker rooms and showers, show us how committed you are to this by having your mother, wife, sister and/or daughters share a bathroom, girls locker room and shower with a Transgender male. Bet you won’t do it because it would show how sick and unstable you and the Democrapts really are.


If Hillary Clinton and Govenor Cuomo really believe in this as they claim, then Mrs. Clinton and Chelsea should demonstrate support for the Federal Directive by allowing Transgender males to share their bathroom, women’s locker room and shower. What is good for everyone else, should be good enough for Hillary and Chelsea. Believe me it won’t happen.


Govenor Cuomo should have his significant other Sandra Lee and his daughters do the same. Both Hillary and Cuomo want to force it on our mother’s, wife’s, sisters and daugters. Let them be the first to lead the way. Oh, how sick and unstable the democrapts are.

Both Cuomo and Hillary will not do it because the law does not apply to them. They will make sure that their family members are never put in such a position.

The other day Michelle Obama attached Trump on allegations made against him. Yet, Michele does not address Bill Clinton’s alleged rapes and his known abuse of women while in the Arkansaw governor’s office and the white house, remember Monica, Jennifer and the others?

Michele, why are you supporting and condoning the attacks by Hillary Clinton made on upon the women who victims of Bill Clinton? Do you have a double standard?

Michele, you claim you are for protecting women and girls. Yet, you support the your husband’s position that transgender males have a superior right to women and girls in their bathrooms, locker rooms and showers. Why don’t you and your two daughters share a locker room and shower with transgender males and show us just how morally bankrupt and sick you and your husband are.

Michele, you, your husband, Hillary, Bill and the rest of the democrapts are more morally corrupt than Trump could ever be to this issue.

Anyone, male or female, who would allow a male to use a women’s bathroom, use a women’s locker room and shower lacks any type of moral integrity and the Democrapts are morally bankrupt.

The democrapts keep attacking Trump on his statements from 20 years ago and yes, even by today today’s sttandards they were down right stupid and not the most flattering to sayd the least. But the real facts stand true, Donald Trump was promoting women before anyone else to high paying posititions within his company. Clearly, he should be judged by his actions that surely speak louder than words.

On the other hand Hillary and the democrapts are waging a full frontal assault on women’s rights and men’s rights. Just wait until you or your daughter are joined by a male in the women’s room, locker room or shower and the same goes for men with their son’s in the men’s room, locker room or shower. Do you really want to expose your children to this? Do you really want the democrapts to eliminate the moral standard of separating the genders privacy areas and making them open to all as unisex areas? There will be no boys or girls locker rooms and showers in schools as the democrapts plan on eliminating them so that all school locker rooms will be open to both genders.

A vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote to destroy women’s rights and all of our Constitutional Rights. She will appoint corrupt judges like former NYS chief judge Judith Kaye to the supreme court and our constitutional rights will be forever gone.