1. That New York State, controlled by the Democrapts, has deliberately striped its citizens including our military and police of their statutory and constitutional rights that is being covered up by both the state and federal governments and the news media.
  2. That the New York State judiciary promotes child abuse and that judges are directly involved in the child abuse.
  3. That New York State promotes the alienation of fathers from their children’s lives.
  4. That Democrapt chief judge Kaye held that the right to a public trial before one is imprisoned is not a substantial right in New York.
  5. That Democrapt chief judge Kaye held that the right to a jury trial before one is imprisoned is not a substantial right in New York.

6. That the constitutional right to appeal to the court of appeals pursuant to the NYS Constitution is not a protected right.

7. That the right to competent or effective assistance of counsel is not a substantial right in New York.

8. That the deprivation of both federal and state statutory and constitutional rights are not substantial rights in New York state to be protected by either the state or federal jurdiciaries.

9. That the New York State judges and district attorneys are allowed to strip individuals of their statutory and constitutional right with impunity and it is covered up by the higher court judges and the news media.

10. That Governor Cuomo declared a ban on doing business with North Carolina because of their decision to require persons with male parts to use men’s rooms and women with female parts to use ladies rooms. Yet, Hillary, Cuomo and Obama want transgender males to use women’s bathrooms, girls locker rooms and to shower with them.

11. That my 11 year old granddaughter under the democrapts loses her right to privacy in favor of transgender males. Why are they given more rights than my granddaughter.

  1. That Hillary supported the Black Panthers when she was a young lawyer. Has supported the groups involved in rioting, looting, destroying and burning businesses and homes.
  2. There was Benghzai where Hillary lied and four died and her e-mail scandal where Hillary and Obama sent classified and Top Secret emails to each other on an unsecured server. They have no respect for the security of this country.
  3. That the demoncrapts have gutted our military in order to support illegal aliens.
  4. That the democrapts have done nothing concerning the poor quality of care given to our veterans in the VA. In fact, no one has been held responsible and the new head of the VA refuses to appear before Congress and testify. The refusal is supported by the democrapts because they want our veterans to suffer so they can give medical treatment to illegal aliens.
  5. That illegal aliens have more rights than the citizens of this country in that Obama has let 19,000 illegal immigrant criminals out of jail with over 900 convicted of sex crimes, 208 convicted of murder, 12,307 of drunk driving and with over 8,234 violent crimes back into our society.
  6. Obama released 5 top terrorists from Gitmo while getting a traitor in exchange and the military is stalling the trial of Beau Bergdahl until after the election. Obama will probably pardon Bergdahl for the great job he did in deserting.
  7. With the toughest gun laws in the country, Chicago has a 72% increase in shootings, with an 88% in the first 3 months of this year. Chicago murders went from 82 murders last year to over 141 so far this year and over 677 shootings this year compared to 359 last year. Since Obama took office over 3600 people have been killed in his home town of Chicago.
  8. Baltimore, Philadelphia, Chicago, Detroit Charlotte have been controlled by democrapt mayors for decades. It is the democrapts that keep making promises and nothing gets done. These cities have been decimated over the years by the democrapts. Shootings, murders and other violent crimes are up in these cities because the democrapts do nothing about quality of life in these cities. Wake up! Get rid of the democrapts as this is what they want to do to our country.
  9. New York City was in the same boat until Rudy Giuliani cleaned it up and there was a higher quality of life. He brought the murder rate down from over 2500 per year to under 500 per year and the quality of life went up in all neighborhoods. Now democrapt Bill de Blasio is taking the city back to where it was before Rudy and the quality of life is going down the sewer.
  10. That sanctuary cities protect criminal illegal aliens against prosecution and they do not care what crimes the these illegal aliens have committed. They do not do this for American citizens. They are giving criminal illegal aliens more protection and rights than American Citizens have. The democrapts run these cities.
  11. That none of the gun laws passed have any effect on the criminals. The gun laws are directed at the average law abiding citizen and trying to make them criminals. They do not go after the criminals.
  12. That Obama told us that our health insurance premiums would be going down, instead they are continuing to go up at least 5 times or more the rate than inflation.
  13. That Obama told us that we could keep our doctors, a lie as most doctors do not accept Obamacare.
  14. That the health insurance companies are pulling out of different states because they are losing money because of Obamacare. This is a preclude to the government taking over health care. It is because of the Canadian health insurance that Canadians come to the US and why their doctors come here. They can’t operate in Canada.
  15. Hillary is untrustworthy because she is a proven pathological liar, influence peddler and a threat to our national security and is being covered up by the news media except for Fox.
  16. That the Clinton Foundation gives 10% or less to the needy. That means that less than 10 million of 100 million they collected actually went to the cause they supposedly gave money to. The rest goes to the Clinton’s and their cronies.
  17. That Eric Schneiderman NY attorney general is investigating the Trump Foundation. Why isn’t he investigating the Clinton Foundation. Trump is republican and Hillary is a democrapt.
  18. That every state run by the democrapts has high taxes and is deeply in debt. Look as to what Obama has done to our debt. Double of all the previous presidents and Hillary promises more of the same.
  19. That the democrapts say one thing and their actions are the opposite. Fox example: The claim they want people to come together, but their actions are intended to pit one group against another. Race relations are at their worst, even though a majority of whites voted for Obama. The more fighting, the more the democrapts like it. They use the race card all the time and the only way they can do it, is to keep the races apart.
  20. The democrapts support the burning of our flag and the disrespect it is shown by their followers. This is showing distain and disrespect for all those who have fought for this country’s freedom. It may be legal, that doesn’t make it right. Further, there has never been a more free country as the United States. Republicans have more respect as when they disagree with something, they do not go out and disrespect our flag and burn it. Only the followers of Democrapts do.
  21. That in my opinion the democrapts support terrorism.
    1. The democrapts defend through there actions support those that riot, loot and burn businesses, destroy and burn homes. Just look at Ferguson, Baltimore and Charlotte.
    2. I have known corrupt police officers, but you have to wait until all of the facts are in, the democrapts automatically condemn the police no matter what the facts are and do not wait to here the facts and then ignore the facts. Just look at Ferguson.
    3. The democrapts immediately took the position that the police officer was guilty and perpetuated the fraud of “hands up – don’t shoot”, that was proven to be false based upon the testimony of honest black people who did not want their names known because they feared a backlash for telling the truth.
    4. On the other hand when it is radical Islam, they down play the terrorist acts and argue for a wait and see. Again a sign they support the terrorists.
    5. This false narrative perpetuated by the Democrapts led to the rioting and deliberate destruction of property.
    6. Look at Baltimore the same thing again. Except that black police officers were involved. All that went to trial were found not guilty by a black judge and in one case there was a hung jury. The other charges against the remaining police officers were dropped.
    7. The Baltimore democraptic prosecutor did not look at the facts, just determined that the police were guilty and felt the pain of the rioters and those who looted and burned businesses and homes.
    8. A black man was shot by a policeman in Milwaukee and it was called a racial incident by the democrapts. In fact, the black police officer shot a black man who was armed and aimed a pistol at him. How is this racism? Yet, the democrapts (as 90% of blacks vote democrapt) looted the buildings and burned them down. The democrapts love this anarchy.
    9. Democrapts believe in this. Republicans do not.


As documented in this video, Hillary and the democrapts are outrageous and dangerous to our freedoms and democracy.


In summary, if you want you and or your children’s rights violated if you or they end up in any court, if you believe showing disrespect and distain for those who fought for our freedoms by showing disrespect and distain for our flag, burning our flag, destroying our military that keeps this country free, support rioting, looting and burning of businesses and homes, allowing illegal aliens to have more rights than the average American citizen, and believe in striping the citizens of this great country of their statutory and constitutional rights – Vote for Hillary because she and the democrapts will make sure you have no rights when they get done!! They are TERRORISTS!!!


If you believe in the rule of law, respecting our flag, our military and that the constitution must be preserved for all, then vote Trump.