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Exposing Judicial Corruption and the

Violation of Constitutional Rights

Do you or are you going to receive a pension in NY and your ex-spouse receives a portion of it? This video is for you! The #MajauskasFormula used by the State scams millions of dollars out of the pockets of pensioners each year. #DRL§236PartB defines marital property as property acquired during the marriage until the signing of a separation agreement of the filing of divorce papers. Very precise. Based upon this formula any increase in pay or promotions you get by your hard work after the signing of the agreement or filing for divorce, your ex-spouse is getting a portion of your increase in pension. AS documented in the video, the spouse in instead of receiving $800 per month now gets $1,300 per month because of the increase in pensioner’s income after the divorce. Therefore, the ruling violates DRL §236. The spouse should only be entitled to the interest earned in the pension, otherwise they are receiving a portion of non-marital property.

NYS Majauskas Formula for divorced pensioners violates the law (16:06) https://youtu.be/WvZjxKsntc4