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Exposing Judicial Corruption and the

Violation of Constitutional Rights

New York State is controlled by the Democrats. Your Constitutional Right to a public trial before you are tried, convicted and sentenced to jail in a family court proceeding, is not a right in New York State. The NYS Judiciary has placed themselves above the law with the help of the NYS Federal judiciary. Ask yourself, why should anyone, without exception, be deprived of their Constitutional Right to a public trial before they are tried, convicted and sentenced to jail for nonpayment of child support and/or the loss of time with their children?

Family Court proceedings are illegally closed (10:36)


New York is a state that truly excels in promoting the stripping of its’ citizens (including our brave military personnel and their families) of both their State and Federal Constitutional and Statutory Rights. The first being the right to a public trial in family court.

A quick question, how many of you or a family member (e.g. – mother, father, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, grandchild) have been involved in or are currently going through an experience within the New York State Family Court System? If you have been involved in the New York family court, your rights are being or were violated.

I can tell you from experience that a vast majority of family court orders of support do NOT comply with the law and the judges and support magistrates know it, but will not admit that their orders to not comply. It is easier to put a father or mother in jail as no one knows what is going on in these illegally closed court proceedings. Do you really think, the support magistrate and/or judge will do anything about his illegal court order of support? Do you really think the appellate court judges are going to do anything? It is cover up, cover up and cover up. You need your arguments before you go to court and you need to demand your Constitutional and statutory rights.

Preparing for court (32:40)


Tell me Governor Cuomo, Senator Schumer, Senator Gillibrand, Attorney General Sneiderman and Chief Judge DiFiore, why should any person in New York State be tried, convicted and sentenced to jail in a closed court proceeding? You are all attorneys. Tell us what you intend to do about these illegally closed family court proceedings? Tell us what you are going to do about all the litigants who are either in jail or detention because of these illegal proceedings. You are all out there, except DiFiore, fighting President Trump and defending illegal immigrants and those who want to come to this great county? When are you all going to start defending the citizens of this state against illegal secret trials and putting those in jail for violating our State and Federal Constitutional and Statutory rights?

As documented on my website, www.justice4ny.com, every man, women and child (including our veterans and their family members) currently in jail, in the case of children in detention, by a Family Court Judge is illegally in jail. Notice, there is NO exception to my statement!! It is upon Information and belief that every one of them have been denied their State and Federal Constitutional Rights to Due Process and Equal Protection of the Law. Further, they have been denied at least one of the following and in most cases, they have been deprived of several of their Constitutional rights, such as, a Public Trial; a Jury Trial, a Court of Proper Jurisdiction, their rights to have a Judge hear their matter, and/or Competent Assistance of Counsel. The aforementioned being covered up by State and Federal Judges with the help of the Drive-by Liberal News Media in New York. By my very own experiences, New York State also strips our children of their rights when they are brought into Family Court. The New York State courts have been fully aware of this since I began raising these issues in 1988 and on.

Argersinger v. Hamlin, 92 S.Ct. 2006 (1972) at 2008 held:

In Washington v. Texas, supra, we said, “We have held that due process requires that the accused have the assistance of counsel for his defense, that he be confronted with witnesses against him, and that he have a right to a speedy and public trial.” …. “It is simply not arguable, nor has any court ever held, that the trial of a petty offense may be held in secret.

In Re Oliver, (1948) 68 S.Ct. 499 at 507, 508, 510 held:

No court in this country has ever before held, so far as we can find, that an accused can be tried, convicted and sent to jail, when everybody else is denied entrance to the court, except the judge and his attaches. And without exception all courts have held that an accused is at the very least entitled to have his friends, relatives and counsel present, no matter what offense he has been charged.

It is “the law of the land” that no man’s life, liberty or property be forfeited as a punishment until there has been a charge fairly made and fairly tried in a public tribunal.

Notice, the US Supreme Court rulings states no court has ever held that a person can be sentenced to jail in a closed court proceeding. The courts get around this, as they did in my case and others as documented by my and others briefs. The judges simply refuse to address the issue. The judges stated in some of their orders that I raised the issue and then drop it without addressing the issue or they find an excuse not to address it.

Matter of Chase, Family Court, 446 N.Y.S.2d 1000 (1982), 112 Misc.2d 436

The Supreme Court instructs that all trials, civil and criminal, are presumptively open, in vindication of an independent right of access of the public and the press.

Make no mistake about it, Judges Simons and Kaye and their fellow Court of Appeals & Appellate Court judges are holding that fathers and mothers can be tried, convicted and sentenced to jail in secret court proceedings. They just won’t come out directly and say it because they know what would happen if they did. It’s easier to state the father’s argument “has no merit” or “no substantial constitutional question has been raised” and then dismiss it. Judges Simons and Kaye and the other Court of Appeals judges are cowards because they do not have the courage to state what they are really doing.

These illegal imprisonments have been going on since 1990 when I discovered the illegal actions of the NYS family court judges. Judges, attorneys and state officials want to cover up this illegal activity that it destroying families of this State. The lawsuits would bankrupt the state.

Judge Richard D. Simmons appointed by Liberal Democrat Mario Cuomo lied in his dismissal of my appeal. I raised only the Constitutionality of State Statutes. He claimed I raised other than the constitutionality of state statutes. I sent a letter asking what other issues did I raise and I was told they could not give me that information. The order spoke for itself. The judges can lie in their orders and our corrupt judicial system refuses to protect our rights. This was done in violation of the New York State Constitution. I challenged 12 state statutes, emphasizing that closed Family Court proceedings were illegal, that I was denied the right to a jury trial, etc. The other NYS Court of Appeals Judges went along with this as documented by the Court’s letter and Simmons’ second order denying my reargument. I challenge anyone to state what other issues I raised before the Court of Appeals before Simmons.

See Judge Simmons files: https://justice4ny.com/simons-ny-ca-1992/

Judge Simmons completely ignored:

Family Court Uniform Rules Section 205.4

Access to Family Court Proceedings (198? – 1997)

(a) In exercising the inherent and statutory discretion by the judge who is presiding in the courtroom to exclude any person or the general public from a proceeding in the Family Court, the judge may consider, among other factors, whether:

(1) the person is causing or is likely to cause a disruption in the proceedings;

(2) the presence of the person is objected to by one of the parties;

  1. the orderly and sound administration of justice, including the nature of the proceeding and the privacy of the parties, requires that all observers be excluded from the courtroom.

Whenever the judge exercises discretion to exclude any person or the general public from a proceeding or part of a proceeding in Family Court, the judge shall make findings prior to ordering exclusion.

The 1997 version is even more specific as it states:

(a) The Family Court is open to the public. Members of the public, including the news media, shall have access to all courtrooms, lobbies, public waiting areas and other common areas of Family Court otherwise open to individuals having business before the court.

(b) The general public or any person may be excluded from a courtroom only if the judge presiding in the courtroom determines, on a case-by-case basis based upon supporting evidence, that such exclusion is warranted in that case. In exercising this inherent and statutory discretion, the judge may consider, among other factors, whether:

Judge Simone and the full Court of Appeals illegally deprived me of my State Constitutional Right to appeal to the Court of Appeals as the only issues that I raised on appeal were the Constitutionality of state statutes. Judge Simons issued 2 official documents in violation of Penal Law §175.40 Issuing a false certificate a class E Felony. Why is he above the law?

A person is guilty of offering a false instrument for filing in the second degree when, knowing that a written instrument contains a false statement or false information, he offers or presents it to a public office or public servant with the knowledge or belief that it will be filed with, registered or recorded in or otherwise become a part of the records of such public office or public servant.

Simmons’ Court Orders dismissing my appeal stating that I had raised issues other than those of the constitutionality of state statutes was a lie to prevent me from having my issues heard. The order was filed with the Clerk of the Court of Appeals that is a public office and it is part of the record of the Court of Appeals.

Chief Judge Judith Kaye, a two-bit lying arrogant radical Liberal Democrat whore dismissed several appeals on the ground that no substantial Constitutional question was involved. The issues raised in the appeals dealt with a litigant’s Constitutional and Statutory Right to a Public Trial, their Constitutional Right to a Jury Trial, their Constitutional Right to a Court of Proper Jurisdiction and their State Constitutional Right to have a Judge hear the matter before a Litigant is tried, convicted and sentenced to jail. Chief Judge Kaye’s reasoning was that these are not substantial rights in New York State. (As a note, Kaye was born in Poland and came here after the war to flee the atrocities of Hitler. She comes to this country, and strips the citizens of this state including our military personnel and families who made it possible for her come here of their Constitutional and statutory rights. Make no mistake about it, Kaye was a true Hitler wannabe as she was out to destroy our Constitutional Rights and our families.)

Kaye files:

Kaye Newspaper Articles


Kaye Open Court News Articles


Kaye Collins 1st Appeal


Kaye Collins / King 2nd Appeal


Kaye Collins Shufelt Writ of Habeus Corpus – 1995


As a note: The ACLU has refused to take any action to protect the citizens of New York State from these illegal closed court imprisonments. WHY? See my videos.


If you would like an appointment, contact me at Justice4ny@aol.com. Make sure you include your phone number so I can call you as soon as possible.

Charles E. Collins, III

Justice 4NY@aol.com

Anyone can participate in calling the county family courts and state and federal officials. See video “Call state and federal officials”. Also use facebook, twitter etc.

Just google each county family court clerk’s office. Their phone numbers will come up.

Listen to the different videos and take notes so you can talk intelligently.

Exercise your Constitutional right to Free speech. No violence and do not threaten like the liberal democrats do. Ask them why the court is closed to the public. Ask if the judge makes a ruling in each case to close the court. Ask why you or your family members are being deprived of your Constitutional Right to a jury trial. Ask a lot of questions.

Tell them the family court is operating in violation of both the New York State Constitution and the Federal Constitution and it should be closed down and the judges arrested for acting in violation of the law and that the judges are not above the law. Call for the closing of the Family Courts and the arrest and conviction of the judges and support magistrates who violate the law and the attorneys who cover it up.

Find out if your court order of support complies with the law.

Check out my “Rants” on my website. This is #2 with more to follow!

Also see my videos:

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Times Union Article dated November 19, 2016 about New York’s Judiciary:

N.Y. state Court of Appeals still a liberal bastion

New all-Cuomo panel is expected to shield rights in state, countering U.S. conservative trend

The new all-Cuomo court will provide a chance for this governor to leave a legal imprint through decisions affecting New Yorkers for years to come. And it will be doubly important this year, given the likelihood that Republican President-elect Donald Trump will appoint a conservative tie-breaking ninth member to the U.S. Supreme Court soon after taking office, with the potential for a handful of similar picks in the years to come.

“New York, by in large, can always provide more protection of rights and liberties than the U.S. Supreme Court does,” said Vincent Bonventre, an Albany Law School professor and noted court-watcher.

Now, the Albany Times Union is a Liberal Democrat Newspaper and has been fully aware since the 1990’s when I was first arrested for demanding my rights to a public trial, a jury trial, and other issues concerning the violation of Constitutional rights. Never once did they ever state the issues I was raising. The Times Union is there to protect the corrupt state officials and to cover up the illegal actions that are being taken against those in both the civil and criminal courts of New York. New York probably has the most corrupt judiciary in the United States. It is corrupt from the top all the way to the bottom.

What is Governor Andrew Cuomo and the other top NYS officials going to do?

Andrew Cuomo

State Capitol

Albany, NY 12224.


1-518-474-3767 fax

Chuck Schumer: For other addresses google Chuck Schumer office locations


Leo O’Brien Building, Room 420

11A Clinton Avenue
Albany, NY 12207
Phone: (518) 431-4070
Fax: (518) 431-4076

Kirsten Gillibrand


Leo O’Brien Building, Room 821

11A Clinton Avenue
Albany, NY 12207
Phone: (518) 431-4070
Fax: (518) 431-4076

NY Attorney General Eric Sneiderman

Office of the Attorney General

The Capitol

Albany, NY 12224

General Helpline: 1-800-771-7755

No fax number

Have to go to website and use their form for an email.


Janet DiFiore Chief Judge

Court of Appeals

20 Eagle Street

Albany, New York 12207

(518) 455-7700

No email for court