There are several questions that have not been raised by anyone concerning Hillary’s emails. What are that questions?


Hillary first claimed she never sent or received any “classified” or “TOP SECRET” emails from her “unsecured server”. Hillary then changed it to she never received any “marked” or “designated” “classified” or “TOP SECRET” emails as she knew she lied about receiving and sending “classified” and “TOP SECRET” emails. This is an admission by Hillary that she cannot tell the difference between regular emails, “classified” and “TOP SECRET” emails unless they are “marked” for her. Sounds like a third grader. She even admitted this to the FBI. Her actions are corrupt and un-American.


FBI Director James Comey specifically stated that there were hundreds of classified emails and 26 ”TOP SECRET” emails sent and received on Hillary’s “unsecured server”. If Hillary didn’t send or receive any “classified” or “TOP SECRET” emails, then how did they get on Hillary’s “unsecured server”? Hillary stated to the FBI that doesn’t know the difference. Then how could she have made the statements above.


No one has asked the following questions:

  1. What was the procedure for “classifying and marking” the “classified” and “TOP SECRET” emails sent by and received by Hillary?


  1. Did Hillary follow the procedure for classifying and marking the “classified” and “TOP SECRET” emails before she sent them?


  1. What about Obama’s “classified” and “TOP SECRET” emails sent by him to Hillary? What about the “classified” and “TOP SECRET” emails received by him from Hillary?


  1. Obama according to the FBI used pseudonym. A fake name. Why? When emailing Hillary?


  1. Hillary, do you know what constitutes a “classified” or “Top Secret” email?


If yes, quoting Hillary, “what difference does it make” if the “classified” and “TOP SECRET” emails that you sent and received were “marked” “classified” or “Top Secret” or not as you knew the difference? This means Hillary lied when she stated she didn’t send or receive any “classified” emails.


It shouldn’t have made any difference if the emails were “marked” “classified” or “Top Secret” Hillary was just playing stupid and Hillary had to know she was sending both “classified” and “Top Secret” emails though Hillary’s “unsecured server” that could be hacked and probably was by foreign nations such as Russia and Iran.


This proves Hillary could care less about our national security. Hillary is only interested in Hillary.


If no, then Hillary is admitting that she is to stupid to know the difference between regular, “classified” and “Top Secret” emails. In short, Hillary is dumber that a box of rocks and again this proves Hillary could care less about our national security.


Is this what is known as a catch 22 situation?


  1. Hillary, a democrapt, is admitting by her statement that she never sent or received any “marked” “classified” or “top secret” emails that she is so stupid that she had no idea, without a marking, that the emails were “classified” or “TOP SECRET”.
  2. Further, Hillary, a democrapt, is admitting and has admitted that she has no clue what emails that she was sending and receiving should be designated as “classified” or “Top Secret”.

I know, Hillary will claim she is just a “secretary”.


  1. The big question? Whose responsibility was it to mark Hillary’s “classified” and “top secret” emails before Hillary sent them?

Bet it was Hillary.

  1. Whose responsibility was it to mark the “classified” and “TOP SECRET” emails that were sent to Hillary by Obama to Hillary’s known “unsecured” server? (Hint: Obama)

Obama, as he sent Hillary “classified” and “TOP SECRET” emails knowing that her server was “not secure” and knowing Hillary did not have a “secure” government Ipad or Iphone still sent “classified” and “TOP SECRET” emails to Hillary’s non-government email address in violation of the law.


Obviously, Obama doesn’t know what “classified” and “TOP SECRET” emails are as he failed to have them “marked” for Hillary his third grade secretary. Maybe he needs them marked so he knows or he just doesn’t care about the security of United States.


  • Was the person responsible for designating and marking the “classified” and “TOP SECRET” emails for Obama and Hillary fired for failing to do so as Hillary claims she didn’t know the emails were “classified” and some “Top Secret” because there was no “classified mark” on them? This proves Obama could care less about our national security.


Of course not, the top democrapts Obama and Hillary couldn’t be fired.


  • Further, Hillary’s and Obama’s stupidity is also shown by the fact that he or she never reported the emailing of “classified” and “TOP SECRET” emails to her “unsecured server” that were not “marked” so and should have been. Who was so stupid to email her unmarked “classified” and “top secret” emails to an “unsecured server”? Who else, Obama.


  1. How many of Hillary’s aids saw and read these “classified” and “TOP SECRET” emails? Did these aids have the security clearance to read these “classified” and “TOP SECRET” emails? NO!!!!


The FBI could not recommend prosecution of Hillary as Obama was also directly involved in the sending and receiving of “classified” and “TOP SECRET” emails to and from Hillary’s “unsecured” server.


The FBI is protecting Obama.

Finally, how stupid does Hillary think the American Public is by claiming that the Democratic National Committee and her Hillary Election Campaign’s “secured” servers were hacked by the Russians and then claiming that her “unsecured” server was never hacked.


Again, the FBI could not come out and state that Hillary’s “unsecured” server was hacked because of the implications of Obama sending and receiving “classified” and “TOP SECRET” emails to and from Hillary’s known “unsecured” server.


The democrapts do not care or give a hoot that our National Security was placed at risk by both Obama and Hillary and most likely compromised because of Hillary’s “unsecured” server that had hundreds of “classified” emails including many that were “TOP SECRET” are now in foreign hands.


The democrapts have done everything they can to cover this up and to impede any Republican investigation as to how bad our National Security was compromised by Hillary and Obama. The democrapts are only interested in themselves, they do not care about our national security.


Further, the Russians do not need to find Hillary’s 30,000 emails that Hillary deliberately had erased in violation of Federal Law, as they already have them. I am sure the FBI is covering this up also. Further, they just found more than 15,000 emails illegally deleted by Hillary that were required to be turned over to the State Department!!


Why hasn’t the FBI taken any action of this. The FBI is controlled by the democrapts.


The democrapts have stated they believe it was the Russians that hacked the DNC and Hillary’s campaign secured servers and also hacked Colin Powell’s emails over a 2 year period. Yet, they never hacked Hillary’s emails? I find this unbelievable. The FBI and Justice Department are covering up the hacking of Hillary’s emails.


Hillary has risked our national security and was instrumental in destabilizing the Middle East.


Hillary has consistently lied under oath numerous times to Congress. Hillary has colluded with our enemies for personal gain through the Clinton Foundation.


Hillary brutalized and bullied the women slick Willie abused.


Hillary sold 20% of the uranium in the United States to Russia for a big check to the Clinton Foundation.


Hillary only made a couple of hundred million dollars as secretary of state off of her position. Make no mistake about it, Hillary and Bill will become a multi-billionaires if she is elected president as she will sell out this country to the highest bidder.