20 – Jeffrey Nichols

20 – Jeffrey Nichols

Judges involved in extortion and fraud.

Fathers face imprisonment for violating these illegal court orders.

Either they pay or go to jail.

In my video, I address several cases of fathers being railroaded by the court. After watching the video, you determine if the fathers are “dead beat” fathers or “beaten dead fathers”. From what I have seen, 70% of the support orders issued DO NOT comply with the law and 99% are in the mother’s favor.

Dead Beat or Beaten Dead Dads (45:43)


Jeffrey Nichols


The first case is about Jeffrey Nichols who was labeled the #1 dead beat dad in New York as he owed over $500,000 in back child support. The facts being used are from newspaper articles. According to the articles the father earned $180,000 per year, was ordered to pay $9,000 per month child support for 3 children and to pay $8,000 per month for 2 children when the oldest became emancipated. See the problem? You need to do the math. The father would pay at least 35% in taxes on an income of $180,000 that leaves him with $117,000 per year. He is required to pay $9,000 per month or $108,000 per year. Therefore, the father gets to live on $9,000 per year and each child gets to live on $36,000 per year. When one child becomes emancipated, he gets a raise to $21,000 as he only has to pay $96,000 per year. Each child now ßhas $48,000 per year to live on. Is the father’s income below the poverty level? Who spends $36,000 per year on their child? The mother gets the money and can spend it anyway she wants. The $108,000 is her tax-free money that does not have to be spent on the children and if the father attempted to find out where the money was going, the court would not hold a hearing on it. The petition would be dismissed.

Nichols was living in another state. He was charged and arrested under NY Penal Law §260.05 and/or §260.06 for non-payment of child support and was extradited back to New York. When brought back to New York he was taken before a family court judge and not a criminal court judge. In fact, the criminal charges were dropped as the authorities claimed it was to protect the children. Hogwash, it was to protect the corrupt NYS judiciary. Further, under the penal law the father would be entitled to a public trial and a jury trial. Even the punishment is greater in family, the chances are it was a closed court and he would be denied his constitutional right to a jury trial. Besides, they have more control over him in order to get him to agree to something or face imprisonment. Is this extortion? Did the court order even comply with the law? Income was capped at 80,000 at the time and the court would have to explain the reason for going over the cap.

On the first $80,000 the father would pay 80,000 x .29 = 23,200 ÷ 12 = 1,933 per month this assuming the wife had no income. There would have to be a reason for exceeding the $80,000 cap. Evan assuming there was a reason to go over the cap, $180,000 x .9235 (6.2% FiCA + 1.45 Med = 7.65%) = 166,230 x .29 = 48,206.70 ÷ 12 = 4,017 per month. He is paying more than double the entire amount. What was the reason for going over the cap? What was the reason for court to order father to pay double the amount required? It is all hidden behind closed doors. The threats are if he doesn’t pay he will go to jail and they will try to destroy his business. Just look at all the penalties under Family Court Act §454. See my video below. Do you think the court would allow him to present this evidence to a jury? Absolutely NOT.

Your Constitutional Right to Jury Trial in Family Court (16:53)


The next father worked for Time Warner and was earning $430.00 per week and after mandated deductions had a net income of $312 per week. Judge Kramer ordered the father to pay $75 per week maintenance, $82 per week child support and $144 per week day care for a total of $301. If you watch the video, you will see how Supreme Court Judge Kramer manipulated the Judgment of Divorce and Findings of Fact so no one would know reading each document separately that the father was being left with $10 per week to live on.

Judge Kramer ordered the Support Collection Unit to take out $301 out of his paycheck each week. The father lost his job because he had no money to go to work as all he got was $10 per week to live on. He ended up living out of his car and then moved in with his parents. Oh, I forgot, the father also had to pay his share of uncovered medical expenses and other items. We appealed the order after the father was found in contempt and it was overturned. The appellate court in doing so, also screwed the father over.

The appellate court ruled in Bemis v. Bemis 305 A.D.2d 739 (N.Y. App. Div. 2003)

First, the appellate court denied his motion for counsel to do the appeal. They didn’t want him to be able to do an appeal. Attorneys want thousands to do an appeal. The court, after ruling that the matter needed to be redone, held that because the father was now residing with his mother, that this was a benefit to the father and that the lower court needed to determine the value of the housing so it could be added to his income. Kramer leaves him homeless, he loses his job, has to live out of his car until he moves in with his parents and for his parents doing so, this is a reason to increase his child support obligation. The father ended up being injured, walking with a cane and on disability.

Bemis Poster


Bemis documents


Mercure, Cardona, P.J., Peters, Carpinello and Rose, JJ., concur.

So: Are these “Dead Beat” dads or “beaten Dead” dads. Calling a father, a “dead beat” is disgusting and should end as most of them are being “beaten dead by the system and being deprived of a relationship with their children. They are not allowed to defend themselves in the vast majority of cases. How would you like be stripped of your income? Have nothing to live on? Make no mistake about it, these judges are terrorists and in my opinion, get there jollies from seeing families and children abused and destroyed as I have fully documented on my website www.justice4ny.com and in my many Rants.

Why is Judge Kramer above the law? He has issued his court order knowing it contained false information to in order to defraud, deceive and injure another person in violation of §175.40 Issuing a false certificate as he knew full well that it did not comply with the law. Can you imagine how sick Kramer is to leave someone with someone $10 per week to live on? In my opinion, based upon my experience with him concering custody and child support he is terrorist to fathers, but also gets his jollies from children being abused.

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