Judge Judith Kaye

Bronze Lady Justice

Judge Judith Kaye

Comments on behalf of Kaye:

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo said on Thursday that Judge Kaye “believed in the fundamental promise of equal rights for all New Yorkers, and dedicated herself to strengthening our judicial system and our juries.”

The Court of Appeals memo:

The law clerks to Chief Judge Judith S. Kaye deeply mourn the loss of our beloved Chief. A brilliant jurist, scholar, writer, thinker, she served as mentor to us all, our teacher, confidante, cheerleader and friend. Her passion for justice, her commitment to equal rights, her insistence that everything could be made better, powered by boundless energy and a never-ending cascade of new ideas, will continue to inspire us always. Each of us is sustained by treasured memories of the times we spent together, by uproarious laughter born of her mischievous wit. We all feel so lucky to have worked with her, our lives are richer for having known her, and we will miss her terribly.

These comments want to make me choke.

Collins response:

Kaye was called “Madam Kaye” as everyone knew she was nothing more than a two bit lying arrogent whore who had absolutely no respect for either the New York State Constitution or the United States Constitution that she took an oath of office to defend and protect. She was compassionate in stripping New York State citizens, including our military, police and fireman of their constitutional and statutory rights. How many thousands of families in this State have been destroyed by her false claim that the family court is now open to the public, her refusal to address the issue of illegally closed family court proceedings, a litigant’s right in family court to a jury trial and a litigant’s right to have a judge hear the matter according to the state constitution?

As I have documented, Kaye on serveral occasions held that a persons right to a public trial and a jury trial are “not substantial rights in New York State” when facing imprisonment. Kaye also refused to address the appointment of support magistrates to hear family court issues in violation of the New York State Constitution Art 6, §13. Kaye was lucky that she had a fellow terrorist, Federal Judge Thomas J. McAvoy, cover up her illegal acts and those by the Family Court Judges in violation of both Federal and State law.

Make no mistake about it, Kaye was a TERRORIST. She participated in destroying thousands of families in this state and continued to allow men, women and children to be abused by the family court judges by allowing them to continue with their illegal court proceedings, acts of child abuse, cover ups, acts of extortion and terrorism.

Kaye also covered up the illegal actions of Albany County DA Sol Greenberg and has asistants illegal actions against me and the fact I was entitled to immunity and imprisoned for a crime I did not commit in order to shut me up about judicial corruption knowing she had no jurisdiction to rule in my case, but did so anyway.

Judge Kaye stated in a newspaper article in the Times Union on August 20, 1995 “I think you would feel that if you stood before our court, from watching us and listening to us and reading our decisions that we’re well prepared,” she said. “I think you’d feel you got a fair shake.” What drugs was Kaye on as she knew she was an arrogant lying whore?

Kaye has shown and demonstrated that she was a power mad hypocrite, who boasted about her and the court’s ethical principles in public interviews while secretly coordinating a state wide racketeering enterprise with a scheme to fix court cases and deprive litigants of their constitutional, statutory and civil rights in order for the state to collect billions of dollars each year from the federal government and in order for attorneys to make billions of dollars each year off the misery the and destruction of families that they deliberately caused in the name of justice.

It is not what you see the court doing, it’s what you don’t see that is the problem. I am sure litigants who have been unknowingly stripped of their constitutional and statutory rights feel that they have been given a fair shake in her court. How delusional was Kaye?

Kaye simply ran the largest racketeering enterprise in New York State history as documented in my lawsuits and covered up by our “illustrious” state and federal judges. Yes, she will be greatly missed by the corrupt judiciary as she covered up the judiciary’s illegal and Terrorist actions against the citizens of New York State and she was an inspiration to all of the corrupt judges, attorneys and court personnel. Finally, Kaye was anything but HONORABLE, she was a two bit lying arrogant democrapt whore who was out to distroy this state. May she rest in HELL for what she did to the men, women and children of New York State. And to think Bill Clinton wanted to put her on the United States Supreme Court. Hillary would do the same.