22 – Did Judge’s Illegal Actions Cause Death of 4 SCU Workers?

22 – Did the judge’s illegal actions cause the death of 4 SCU workers?

In 1992, an Ohio man killed 4 SCU workers in Watkins Glen, NY. In 1992, my mother filed a federal suit to get a house she purchased in 1985 and owned by her. Judge L. Foster James in a closed court proceeding had given exclusive possession of the residence to my ex-wife in 1986, 4 years after our divorce in 1981. House was NOT marital property. My mother was not allowed in the court room and was not a party to the proceeding and as such, Judge James lacked both personal jurisdiction over my mother and had no subject matter jurisdiction concerning possession of the house.

Named in the lawsuit was NY Att. Gen. Robert Abrams and the US Department of Justice as at the time, the NY attorney general and Judge Austin were attempting to have me tried, convicted and sentenced to jail in a closed court and in violation of my right to a jury trial, competent assistance of counsel and the fact the family court had no jurisdiction to hear the matter. At this point, my mother had already been defrauded by over $70,000 by Judges James and Ferradino, with the help of the New York State Attorney General’s office and Federal Judge Thomas McAvoy. Documenting Complaint at King v Abrams https://justice4ny.com/07-king-v-abrams-92cv1004/ Documenting Appeal at https://justice4ny.com/07-king-v-abrams-appeal-93-6065/.

In her paper work, my mother raised the issue of the murder of 4 SCU workers as Miller’s rights were probably violated just as mine had been. In my opinion, those 4 SCU workers would not have been killed if it wasn’t for the illegal actions of the judge and New York’s corrupt family court. History: Miller lived in Ohio and was to appear in court again in New York in 1992 as he had a history of non-payment of child support since 1970. Miller told the deputies after killing the 4 SCU workers that no one could help him and he didn’t want to go back to jail again and killed himself. He left a letter that was not released (cover up?). Miller told a co-worker in Ohio that the SCU was going to garnish his wages and that the child was not his.

Newspaper articles about Miller and my mother’s lawsuit


Now for the illegal actions of the judge.

Was the courtroom closed in violation of Uniform Rules for Family Court §205.4?

I know he was denied his constitutional right to a jury trial. (Chief Judge Simmons and Federal Judge McAvoy both refused to address this issue before the killings.) Would he have been found not guilty if he had a jury trial? Even if he had a public trial, the judge still could have violated his rights as they often do.

Was Miller allowed to have a DNA test or offered one? This was not mentioned in the article. (Note: They did not have DNA tests in 1970 as it came available in 1986 and this October, 1992.

Did his child support order comply with the law? The majority orders I have seen do not comply with the law!!

Watkins Glen Killings – Father Denied his Constitutional Rights (6:40)


Both NY Att. Gen Abrams and US Dept. of Justice were parties to the suit. Yet, they both refused to investigate my mother’s claims or to investigate the deprivation of constitutional rights by the NYS Family Court. If they did, tens of thousands of cases would have to be redone. They completely ignored her complaint and her appeal Brief as did Judge McAvoy and NY Att. Gen & US Dept. Justice did not address the issues raised. Cover-up, cover-up. They were all required by and their oath to uphold both the State and Federal Constitutions. Instead, they conspired to deprive us of our rights. Both are the attorney general’s office and the US Attorney General’s office are controlled by the corrupt Democrats in New York State.

DNA testing should be a mandatory requirement before a father is ordered to pay child support. In New York, once you are declared the father, you cannot get it undone. Many fathers have told me that when they demanded a paternity test, they are treated like scum and the mothers tell the children that the father doesn’t believe he is their father. Form what I have heard, better than 30% of DNA testing comes back that the alleged father is not the father of the child. Just watch the Maury show. The mothers swear the man is the father or will claim it is between 1 or 2 men. They will point to the nose, the eyes, the hairline, etc. Maury in a good 30% or more of the time states that the man is NOT the father even though some of them believe they are. How many fathers in New York are paying child support for children that are not his. If DNA testing is a mandatory requirement, the truth will come out. Fathers have been defrauded of millions of dollars in New York because of this. A man should know if the child he is paying for is actually his child! The object is to protect the mother at all costs.

Why are mothers allowed to commit fraud by claiming the child is his or lying to the husband that the child is his. In a lot of these cases, the mother then keeps the child from the father and frustrates his attempts to have a relationship with his alleged child. If the father does find out, he cannot get the money back in New York even though the mother committed fraud. I heard in Ohio the issue of paternity can be raised any time and the if proven not to be the father, the man is entitled to a refund of all monies paid. Years ago, I had one father come in being served with papers that he was the father, He was #5 to have a paternity test for that child. In another case the DNA test came back at 86%. The court declared himm the father. It turns out it was his cousin who fathered the child. Court didn’t want to hear about it.

Finally, the statute of limitations has not run out as murder was involved and the judge should be held accountable for his illegal actions.

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22 Judge’s illegal actions lead to killing of 4 people?