The Arraignment

The Arraignment January 26, 1998


You have a right to an attorney and the right to an adjournment in order to obtain an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, I will appoint one to represent you. Can you afford your own attorney?


  1. COLLINS: No. I can’t.


THE COURT: I am going to enter a plea of not guilty. I will have the public defender speak to you.


  1. COLLINS: I would prefer not to have the public defender’s office.’ The last time I had them, they lied to me. They didn’t do their job. They refused to discuss this case with me.


THE COURT: What is your proposal regarding representation?


  1. COLLINS: I will represent myself.


THE COURT: I have provided you with copies of the charges. I have some statement. I have not provided you with copies of it yet. I am going to have copies made and I will get copies of those right now. Do the People have a recommendation on bail for the Class D felony and Class B misdemeanor?

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