28 – NYS Secretary of State Amends State Constitution

NYS Secretary of State uilaterally amends State Constitution.

WHY? What authority?

In scoop #27, I addressed the issue of the appointment of hearing examiners, now support magistrates, violates the NYS Constititution. At the time of my appeal and to the present, the NYS State Constitution Art. 6, §13 states:

[Family Court established, composition; elections and appointment of judges; jurisdiction]

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14 Are Mothers Who Kill Their Children Above the Law?

14 Are mothers who kill their children above the law in New York?

I previously documented in my Rants that mothers can pour hot sauce down the children’s throats, make them take cold showers and sleep in wet pajamas, can overdose the child on medication and nothing is done. How a mother can give birth to dunk baby with an alcohol level of .18 twice the legal limit for an adult of .08. I also documented how judges, attorneys and social works are allowed to abuse children who want to see their father.

What happens to mothers who kill their children?

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12 – Judges Abusing Children

12 – Judges Abusing Children

Are mothers who abuse their children above the law in New York?

My question is: Who is the sick one – the judge, the mother, law guardian, social worker or reporter?

Mother pours hot pepper sauce down child’s throat

On the Front page of the Times Union on August 23, 1998 was an article stating:

Every workday Family Court Judge Gerard E. Maney gets to witness the unraveling of the social fabric.

This day is no different. A mother is accused of trying to discipline her 7-year-old daughter by forcibly pouring hot pepper sauce down the girl’s throat, then making her take a cold shower and get back in bed in soaking pajamas.

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08 Yodle Scamming Thousands of Businesses

08 Yodle Scamming Thousands of Businesses


Exposing Judicial Corruption & the

Violation of Constitutional Rights

Is the NSA, FBI or other Federal agencies using Yodle and other SEO’s to spy on businesses and their clients? Why is the FBI and the US Attorney’s office in Albany, NY and others covering up Yodle’s illegal recording of phone calls and its multimillion dollar illegal advertising scam and possible multimillion dollar income tax evasion? Why is Yodle above the law?

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The Arraignment

The Arraignment January 26, 1998


You have a right to an attorney and the right to an adjournment in order to obtain an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, I will appoint one to represent you. Can you afford your own attorney?


  1. COLLINS: No. I can’t.


THE COURT: I am going to enter a plea of not guilty. I will have the public defender speak to you.


  1. COLLINS: I would prefer not to have the public defender’s office.’ The last time I had them, they lied to me. They didn’t do their job. They refused to discuss this case with me.


THE COURT: What is your proposal regarding representation?


  1. COLLINS: I will represent myself.


THE COURT: I have provided you with copies of the charges. I have some statement. I have not provided you with copies of it yet. I am going to have copies made and I will get copies of those right now. Do the People have a recommendation on bail for the Class D felony and Class B misdemeanor?

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Simons NY CA 1992

Simons NY CA 1992

02 NYS Const, Art VI §3[b][2]

03 Austin Order 9:24:92

04 Collins Jurisdictional Statement 10:3:92

05 Jurisdictional Statement Appendix 10:3:92

06 Carella Affidavit in Opposition 10:6:92

07 Court letter 10:6:92

08 Court letter 10:13:92

09 Collins letter with Reply affidavit + Exhibits 10:13:92

10 Simons Order + Decision 11:24:92

11 Collins letter to Simons Reconsider 11:28:92

12 Court Response No right to know 12:7:92

13 Simons Full Court Reconsider Order 1:19:93

14 miscellaneous Correspondence

15 Collins Felony Complaint + Affidavit against Simons within 5 years