11 The FBI – Who are they protecting?

11 – The FBI – Who are they protecting?

In my opinion the FBI is controlled by the Democrats and the FBI is there to protect the corrupt democrat governmental officials and to help the democrats in the deprivation and oppression of Civil and Constitutional Rights in New York State. The FBI is not there to protect our Civil, Constitutional and/or Statutory Rights as their mission is to threaten those who would expose governmental corruption.

First, let’s look at the recent history of the FBI before I address the issue of the FBI conspiring with New York State officials in an attempted murder plot in order to cover up judicial corruption by judges and attorneys that includes trying, convicting and sentencing litigants to jail in secret closed court proceedings and depriving the litigants of their Constitutional Right to a Jury Trial as well as other Constitutional and Statutory Rights.

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10 Obamacare

10 Obamacare

The Republicans are now going to attempt again to redo Obamacare.

Under Obamacare, the vast majority of people paying for the health insurance can’t use it until they make their monthly payment and spend another $3,000 to $12,000 because of the high deductibles. Probably 90% of the people do not meet their deductible so the monthly premiums they pay, they get nothing in return for.

On the other hand, those that do not pay for health insurance can use the health insurance immediately as they have no deductible to pay first or any co-pays.

Makes sense, doesn’t it? You pay and can’t use it. If you don’t pay, you can use it. Typical liberal democrat philosophy.

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