22 – Did Judge’s Illegal Actions Cause Death of 4 SCU Workers?

22 – Did the judge’s illegal actions cause the death of 4 SCU workers?

In 1992, an Ohio man killed 4 SCU workers in Watkins Glen, NY. In 1992, my mother filed a federal suit to get a house she purchased in 1985 and owned by her. Judge L. Foster James in a closed court proceeding had given exclusive possession of the residence to my ex-wife in 1986, 4 years after our divorce in 1981. House was NOT marital property. My mother was not allowed in the court room and was not a party to the proceeding and as such, Judge James lacked both personal jurisdiction over my mother and had no subject matter jurisdiction concerning possession of the house.

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17 – Mothers Interfere With Custody With Impunity

17 – Mothers interfere with custody with impunity.

This is one of the worst cases I have seen where the mother refused to allow the father to see his children and in fact turned the children against him so they wanted nothing to do with him. The father told me that the mother’s sister did the exact same thing with her children when they divorced. The court after a trial awarded the father custody and had the children placed in foster care first because the children had been so alienated by the mother.

Within a couple of hours of the ruling, the mother had a stay of the supreme court ruling by Judge Edward O. Spain and he gave the children back to her. According to the father, the mother’s father was very influential in the area so that the matter was heard by a judge from another county.

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12 – Judges Abusing Children

12 – Judges Abusing Children

Are mothers who abuse their children above the law in New York?

My question is: Who is the sick one – the judge, the mother, law guardian, social worker or reporter?

Mother pours hot pepper sauce down child’s throat

On the Front page of the Times Union on August 23, 1998 was an article stating:

Every workday Family Court Judge Gerard E. Maney gets to witness the unraveling of the social fabric.

This day is no different. A mother is accused of trying to discipline her 7-year-old daughter by forcibly pouring hot pepper sauce down the girl’s throat, then making her take a cold shower and get back in bed in soaking pajamas.

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