Governor Andrew Cuomo

Governor Andrew Cuomo

You are always talking about corruption in the legislative branch, yet, you do not discuss the deprivation and illegal imprisonments in NY. Every day that the family court is in session a father or mother is sentenced to jail or denied access to their child in an illegal closed court proceeding. This is more fully documented in my video:

Family Court proceedings are illegally closed (10:36)

The closing of the court is in violation of state statute: Family Court Uniform Rules Section 205.4 Access to Family Court Proceedings.

The closing of the court when a parent is charged with contempt for not paying child support or the loss of time with a child is also in violation of US Supreme Court rulings:

Argersinger v. Hamlin, 92 S.Ct. 2006 (1972) at 2008 held: It is “the law of the land” that no man’s life, liberty or property be forfeited as a punishment until there has been a charge fairly made and fairly tried in a public tribunal.

Matter of Chase, Family Court, 446 N.Y.S.2d 1000 (1982), 112 Misc.2d 436

The Supreme Court instructs that all trials, civil and criminal, are presumptively open, in vindication of an independent right of access of the public and the press.

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Exposing Judicial Corruption


Exposing Judicial Corruption and the

Violation of Constitutional Rights

New York State is controlled by the Democrats. Your Constitutional Right to a public trial before you are tried, convicted and sentenced to jail in a family court proceeding, is not a right in New York State. The NYS Judiciary has placed themselves above the law with the help of the NYS Federal judiciary. Ask yourself, why should anyone, without exception, be deprived of their Constitutional Right to a public trial before they are tried, convicted and sentenced to jail for nonpayment of child support and/or the loss of time with their children?

Family Court proceedings are illegally closed (10:36)

New York is a state that truly excels in promoting the stripping of its’ citizens (including our brave military personnel and their families) of both their State and Federal Constitutional and Statutory Rights. The first being the right to a public trial in family court.

A quick question, how many of you or a family member (e.g. – mother, father, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, grandchild) have been involved in or are currently going through an experience within the New York State Family Court System? If you have been involved in the New York family court, your rights are being or were violated.

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Complete Video List

Justice4NY Complete Video List

(00:00) length of time

1. Message from Justice4ny (1:16)

2. Opening statement concerning corruption in New York (18:48)

3. Opening Statement Justice4NY Closed court (9:44)

4. Family Court proceedings are illegally closed (10:36)

5. Your Constitutional Right to Jury Trial in Family Court (16:53)

6. Cuomo, etc. Jury trial (1:57)

7. A Child’s Constitutional Right to a Jury Trial in Family Court (4:30)

8. Cuomo, etc. Children jury trial (1:04)

9. Support Magistrates & Judicial Hearing Officers (JHO) are illegal (12:22)

10. Other unconstitutional NYS statutes (17:14)

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