Clinton Cuomo Transgender

Clinton Cuomo Transgender


Earlier I stated that Govenor Cuomo and Hillary Clinton support the the denigration and abuse of women and little girls.

Do you think it is right for a male to use a women’s restroom, share a women’s locker room and shower with them without their permission? Would you want a male walking in on your mother, wife, sister or daughter while they are using a women’s restroom, changing in women’s or girl’s locker room or walking in when they are taking a shower and joining them? If your daughter’s go to school, do you want a male sharing the girl’s locker room or shower with them?

Do you think transgender women should be allowed to do the same to men in mens rooms, locker rooms or showers?

I certainly don’t.

Do you believe that your mother, wife, sister or daughter are entitled to their constitutional right to privacy? Do you believe men are entitled to their right to privacy? Govenor Cuomo, Hillary Clinton and the other democrapts do not believe you are entitled to this right. Transgender males or females rights come first and are deemed superior to your female or male family members privacy rights at least according to the Democrapts.

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