15 Judge Sentences 14-year old to a Year in Juvenile Detention

15 Judge sentences 14-year old to a year in Juvenile detention for saying “thank you”.

John’s son always wanted to live with him. Of course the judge, law guardian and mother all wanted the child with the mother. The child did not get along with the stepfather and not want to be with his mother. John tried several times to get custody to no avail. Unfortunately, the child had enough of his mother and her husband, so he started rebelling and getting into trouble as he wanted to be with his father.

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12 – Judges Abusing Children

12 – Judges Abusing Children

Are mothers who abuse their children above the law in New York?

My question is: Who is the sick one – the judge, the mother, law guardian, social worker or reporter?

Mother pours hot pepper sauce down child’s throat

On the Front page of the Times Union on August 23, 1998 was an article stating:

Every workday Family Court Judge Gerard E. Maney gets to witness the unraveling of the social fabric.

This day is no different. A mother is accused of trying to discipline her 7-year-old daughter by forcibly pouring hot pepper sauce down the girl’s throat, then making her take a cold shower and get back in bed in soaking pajamas.

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