11 The FBI – Who are they protecting?

11 – The FBI – Who are they protecting?

In my opinion the FBI is controlled by the Democrats and the FBI is there to protect the corrupt democrat governmental officials and to help the democrats in the deprivation and oppression of Civil and Constitutional Rights in New York State. The FBI is not there to protect our Civil, Constitutional and/or Statutory Rights as their mission is to threaten those who would expose governmental corruption.

First, let’s look at the recent history of the FBI before I address the issue of the FBI conspiring with New York State officials in an attempted murder plot in order to cover up judicial corruption by judges and attorneys that includes trying, convicting and sentencing litigants to jail in secret closed court proceedings and depriving the litigants of their Constitutional Right to a Jury Trial as well as other Constitutional and Statutory Rights.

We need to go no further then Hillary and her emails. Now, Hillary first claimed that she never sent or received any classified emails on her unprotected server. Then she claimed that she never sent or received any “marked” classified emails knowing her previous statement was false.

One of the questions that has not been asked is who was responsible for marking the classified and top secret emails sent to and from Hillary’s unprotected server? Of course, it was Hillary and Obama and other democrat officials. They all had to know she was not using the government server as required by law.

Hillary, by claiming she didn’t know that the emails were classified or top secret because they were not marked so, clearly demonstrates that she is dumber than a box of rocks or she believed that the electorate is too stupid to know or care. Hillary knew no matter what she stated, the liberal democrats would back her up. But, of course, the liberal democrats could care less and could care less about our national security that Hillary and Obama were jeopardizing by using her unsecured server to send and receive classified and top secret emails. Of course, this was covered up by the FBI as they have never stated who sent and received these classified and top secret emails and who was responsible for marking them.

Where is the FBI? Covering up for Hillary. Don’t tell me that the FBI, NSA, CIA, etc. didn’t know that Hillary wasn’t using the government secured server. Her email address did not end with “.gov”. Why didn’t the FBI ask the following questions when interviewing Hillary?

Hillary email questions (13:14)


The FBI, NSA, CIA, etc. have conversations of Trump officials talking with foreign officials including the Russians. These same officials had to know about Hillary and her plan with the Russians to sell 20% to 30% of our uranium to the Russians for donations totaling over 100-million dollars to the Clinton Foundation. The FBI, NSA, CIA, etc. have covered this up. The FBI, NSA, CIA, etc. are protecting the liberal democrats and the Clinton’s. Why didn’t they unmask Hillary and other democrats who had conversations with Russian officials?

The FBI did nothing about Hillary collecting hundreds of millions of dollars for the Clinton Foundation and giving special treatment to those countries that donated to the Clinton Foundation. They had to know!! How could the Clinton Foundation be a non-profit if only 6% of the donations actually go to charity? The other 94% went to the Clintons and their cronies. The FBI saw nothing wrong with this. I know, there still investigating it. Why wasn’t Hillary campaign chairman John Podesta investigated as to this and many other issues concerning the Clinton Foundation and his conversations with Russian officials?

Do you really believe the FBI is going to find out who is doing the leaking of our national security? Who leaked the information about Trump and his calls to foreign heads of state? Remember, most federal workers donate to the democrat party. The democrats only care about getting Trump out of office, they will do anything including selling out our great country to achieve their goal.

Do you really think the FBI, NSA, CIA, etc. are going to expose any illegal actions in wiretapping Trump Towers before or after the election? The FBI, NSA, CIA, etc. are going to cover it up to protect Obama and themselves. Further, was the FBI involved in the alleged wiretapping of Trump Tower before and after the election? It would not surprise me.

What about the IRS and its illegal actions against the Tea Party in keeping them from getting a nonprofit status. What about Lois Lerner taking the 5th after giving an opening statement? What about the destruction of emails by the IRS before and after the court ordered no destruction of emails? The FBI did nothing. No one has been arrested or prosecuted. WHY?

The following does not make any sense to me. I have emails on my email account. I can access these emails from any computer. I can use mine or a friend’s computer and get my emails even those that were recently deleted. The issue made was that Lerner’s computer crashed and was destroyed. Therefore, they could not get her emails. All they had to do was go to another computer and open her email account and her emails would be there. Also, why wasn’t anyone arrested for destroying or shredding government documents or erasing emails? What happened to the emails found on the back up computer? The destruction of documents and emails continued after there was a court order to preserve these documents and emails.

What about Susan Rice and the unmasking of Trump’s people? What about her lying about Benghazi such as claiming it was a video and that it was a demonstration?

The Republicans are willing to investigate Trump, but the democrats are NOT willing to investiogate Hillary and the Clinton Foundation. WHY is it that the Republicans are not demanding an investigation of both? Both should be investigated. The democrats are organized as to how to cover up their illegal actions including false imprisonments.

The Republicans are letting the democrats to control these investigations and are not willing to expose the democrats illegally stripping the citizens of NYS of their Constitutional Rights.

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